GDT: (Fri. double-header) Ham v. Ott, BC v. Cal

Hard to believe only 1 win between the two enemy combatants from the east. Ottawa has better horse-power and personnel but you never know when desperation strikes and Snack Collaros has a fantastic game. Could it be tonite?

BC v. Cal should be as good (or better) than bombers vs. 'schmoes last nite. Calgary has the advantage of continuity at the QB position - JJ Jennings coming off a sloppy losing return last week after hurriedly returning from shoulder damage.

BC has some really scary monsters on offense (especially top 3 or 4 WRs). Calgary just wears you down, plays limited risk football and can hurt you anywhere on the field - offense or defense - and if Roy Finch is out there they can kill you on special teams, too!'

Can anybody really stop the LIONS now. Hardly think so!!!!!!!!!
Hamilton roars again.

Blah Blah Blacksheep is high again. Virtually unlistenable as the lead pbp man. Not letting Duane Forde into the equation . . . . not that Forde has anything meaningful to say!

The more folks criticize Rodawful the more nauseating he becomes!

Cripes - Evan "Addison Richards" Gill is now on the 6 game - he was Teddy Laurent's replacement last week when the Bombers x-terminated the woeful puddy-cats.

Gill is a big, giant muscle hound. Just can't keep himself out of the tub.

Competing hard for the new league award 'The Addison Richards Trophy' - going to most oft-injured dude. Trophy known for missing 1 arm + 1 leg - loose shoulders, fused/soldered ankles!

Neverending White Lights and the CFL and/or TSN?

Love it!

Somebody knows their you know what at TSN or CFL, nice! Beauty!

Ti=Cats playing with extra Smacksterism tonite! They is hurting peoples!

Both the RedBlacks and Ticats miss Henry Burris, so bad. Moreso for his leadership qualities than talent, perhaps. It's a shame he isn't still playing this year, somewhere.

Hamilton showed a bit more spirit in the absence of the cancerous Jeff Reinbold - but when you add it all up they just don't have enough talent to compete for a playoff spot.

At best a 4-14 team with a real possibility of going 1-17 or 2-16

Hamilton looks bad on all sides of the ball, with the exception how Speedy Banks returned a few decent attempts and looked like his old self.

Yup that sums it up concisely.

I thought that the Ticats were gonna keep it close tonight.

If Gill is the winner, then the Argos Johnny Sears is the runner-up. I mean, I doubt this guy has played a total of 10 games since he has been in the league with the Bummers, 'Cats and Argos.