GDT: Esks @ Ticats

The Tabbies put a pretty good lickin’ on the Esks in Alberta, week 2. 31-28.

The Eskies would like to administer a similar beat down in Ontario on Thursday.

Will they?

Had a chance to go to tomorrow’s game - a friend had a chance at tickets and I passed.

Hope the attendance is strong but I’m worried it won’t be on a Thursday night.

why did you pass?

because he cant run

Not interested in coming up on a Thursday.

Her and I will be going to the Ottawa game in October instead.

Hey Kev just wondering

Does Her have a name ? :slight_smile: :-* 8)

It is a perfect day for a football game here in Hamilton with sunshine and 22C the forecast for game time. Unfortunately I can’t go tonight as I have a work event that I can’t get out of. With it being a weeknight and based on how many emails and phone calls I had to make over the last few days before finally finding somebody to take my tickets (for free) - I’m guessing you may see lots of empty seats at THF tonight inspite of the perfect weather.

The Cats HAVE TO start winning at home to get fans engaged again here.

Hate to say it but pencil me in as another one who is going to have to miss this one live . In all honesty I’m not a big fan of the Thursday night games when it’s us that are playing at home . On the other hand I don’t mind watching games on Thursday nights when we are playing away or if it’s two other teams playing on the night providing that is if the games are relatively early start times here in the East .

I’m with you 100% bobo. Watching Thursday night games on TV is great, attending Thursday night games is a total pain.

I’m fine with the Ticats getting one Thursday home game per season. Kind of stinks having two this year.

I’m sure when I get home from the game I’ll catch up on all the bitching on the Cats forum.

One nice thing about going to the game. You don’t have to read the comments from the peanut gallery until after the game.

LOL. I WISH she was a stripper.

I always feel guilty about taking free tickets. Feels like I am ripping off the Ticats.


What was with the Masoli throw?

Minus the first interception, we are looking…

Poor pig. “Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good”


One of the GREAT joys of going to a football game is the food.

So glad the Ticat game is on…

Got some good news early today when CIBC increased their dividend (WEW HEW!!!).

Everything is coming up Kevin. :slight_smile:

That is one of the problems with high def TV’s…

I could have gone to the game tonight but instead I’d prefer to watch it on T.V. - no searching for parking, more comfortable, cheaper food. With the games on TV, it is a hard sell to watch the games live.

Never skinny to begin with, Danny Mac has put on a FEW (sarcasm) pounds…

Oh Speedy B… :frowning:

I THINK I am here alone…

HELLO… Hello… hello…

IS ANYONE HERE… Here… here…

And just like that, it is tied. :frowning: