GDT: Esks @ Riders

Jones will start with Glenn, if he tanks, Bridge goes in, that's a no brainer. I am more concerned with all the stupid penalties we took, if we play the Redblacks like that, we lose, simple as that. On an up note, we will have some of our top starters back also, that will help, but the lose of Labatte hurts for sure. On a final note, after I think it is 18 years of playing here, it would be nice to see Glenn finally get a ring. If for no other reason. His days are numbered an he deserves one.

Can we beat the RedBlacks, hell yah, we just need to come to play like we can.. it really is that simple!!

I friend mentioned the fumble that basically sunk the game was a helmet hit. I sure didn't notice that at the game, though I thought there was a solid horsecollar leading to it

At any rate, I thought the game was a lot better than I thought it would be...Edmonton seemed to be going full arsenal while the Riders did end up resting a few. Even late in the game...still had a longshot chance and they said F it and rolled in backups like Adams. I think Blue appearing on crutches made them re-evaluate things a bit. Too bad to see an all-star (or anyone) go down in the last game. On the bright side...Johnson is alright after that fairly stupid hit


"On the bright side...Johnson is alright after that fairly stupidsmart hit"

Fixed it for ya. :wink:

Pretty quiet in Saskatchewan today.....

The game stats show that the ESks had the ball basically from the start of the 4th quarter to the 5:30 mark and that Bridge played right up to the 3 minute mark b4 Jones put in Adams , so it was more the Esks offence dominating than Sask resting their players that finished the RR's ,not at all like you described the "Esks going full arsenal while the Riders ended up resting a few" :slight_smile:

neither starting RB, no Roosevelt, no Butler who has been arguably the best in the secondary...that would qualify as resting

I concur. We imploded though it did seem like the refs were eager to call us on anything, but I may just be imagining that.

Only a true idiot and complete moron and goof would think or say that Edmonton dominated the game or that the Roughriders were crushed. I haven't seen anyone with an ounce of credibility suggest this though......


One of the few times I cheer for the Riders and they play one of their worst games of the season.

In their own stadium no less.

One and done Rider Nation.

Ottawa owns you. They will watch this film and will be licking their chomps.

Epic fail.

" we have what it takes to win the Cup " - Chad Owens.

No way . Not even close son.

One again, a big thanks from Rider nation for your Predictions.

Always get a kick out of Rider nation claiming they are the second best team in the CFL :o. Sure looked like it last night. The team lacks discipline as evidenced by all the penalties and the out-of-control behaviour from the likes of Carter. Bridge is extremely raw and looks quite lost out there at times while Glenn is a brutal big-game quarterback and playoff choker extraordinaire.

You know what they say...when you start calling people names in a discussion you have lost the arguement

Nice.... I see what you are doing, nudge,nudge,wink,wink. ;D

He didn't call anyone names.

How is telling a poster I agree with him and then me going on with a general yet factual statement possibly considered an argument? Who am I "arguing" with?

Bridge kind of reminds me of Reilly, running around ,trying to master the broken play, that seems like what Reilly groomed himself into being, and bridge is having to do the same thing to survive the rush… Reilly spent a full season running from the rush, figuring out the game, now he’s very capable, but it takes time to develope a q.b. So you need to have confidence in the one your training , so your not wasting more development. Time