GDT: Esks @ Riders

The winner will be the three seed in the West, the loser, the three seed in the East.

It will be interesting to see if both play to win or whether one or both want to go thru the East. (Bad idea IMO)

Its a real quandary - both teams are guaranteed away playoff games, only thing left to determine is who goes where.

Riders do there own fans a favour by winning - allowing a pilgrimage of 1000s to IGF - not so much to Ontario.

Edmonton just likes scoring points.

Winnipeg will take on a larger crowd with Regina in the game - that's good for profits and for ancillary enterprises like parking, concessions, liquor, 50/50, etc.

Both squad present problems for a damaged bomber squad (don't go by last nite's seemingly heroic conquest of the self-defeating stamps). Reilly will punish a soft and short Wpg secondary with all kinds of bombs (25 to 50 yds) while Mutt & Jeff (Glenn & Bridge) will showcase a bit more connivery with their fleet fleet of WRs.

Wpg. is torn. They'd rather face the rider offense but they'd also like their own offense to play against the looser Edmonton D. Can't have it both ways dudes. Besides its totally out of your control now.

If either Edm or Sask. has inside knowledge about Mercury Matt Nichols having a torn calf vs. a sore calf then its a different story. Both teams will play like the dickens in order to get the bye into the western final.

This should be one hell of a game, both I believe want to win this one. I don't think either want to cross over. Edmonton would also like revenge for there loss to the Riders at home. Riders want to end the regular season with a win. Both teams have many reason to want to win this one. Hang on this should be a gooder!!

over / under on attendance?

I will say 17500

lots of people seem to be opting to stay off of the roads

.....After both of these clubs watched the Bombers D in action last night, I think either one of Sask./or Edm. would rather head east....Their chances out there would be a lot better to advance...Winnipeg is going to be tough at home and very loud and it looks like Matt will be back....Spells a lot of trouble for the opposition

The crazy irony of this one is that with the loser guaranteed to be the crossover team to the East is that it could very well be.... dare I say it ?..... A possible Grey Cup preview :oSo hold on to your hats folks because I'm thinking that this one is going to be a dandy between these two clubs and like I said don't be surprised if we see these same two teams once again in three weeks time in Ottawa battlin' it out in Grey Cup 105 in 150 ......BUT then again Calgary , Winnipeg , Ottawa and Toronto might just have something to say about that possibility ;).

After tonight's tilt , one is heading to Manitoba and the other is heading to Ontario . Which one is going to go where ??............... Stay tuned 8) :-\

With gimpy Matt Nichols and your top defensive player out (Legett) I don't see the Bombers beating either team next week. They were lucky they played a backup qb who gifted them 17 last night or they'd be waiting to see where they'd be playing next week

If Mercury Matt Nichols has a torn calf then playing the bombers - and then the Stamps is probably the better option.

If Nichols is good to go (for at least 3 quarters) he could well balance the bomber's strong defensive efforts, score an offensive TD (or 2) and exert some reasonable level of ball control.

Then, if I were Edmonton or Sask'n I'd rather head east and take my chances vs. a loose Ottawa team or a Toronto squad dominated by 3 or 4 great players and seemingly nothing else!

If Matt Nichols x-rays show calf tear - I wonder if they can somehow patch him up and get more than a half outta him?

Whats up with Sporky Jones tonite? Guy is trying to win the Mik O'Shea award for the least amount of weather protective clothing.

No toque, just his normal man-in-black long sleeved shirt.

Wait a sec - did I just see Sporky don a wool headband? Take away his O'Shea trophy - NOW!

Why is there no penalty on the late hit?

Im too quick to jump on the refs, there was a penalty, my mistake

ESks got to get it together!

Esks have gone back to the traditional huddle this game, maybe concerned about the noise ....I guess they didn't have to worry about the noise ....pretty quiet at Mosaic tonight!!!!!!

Looks like the Riders are headed East, with their tail betwixt their legs.

Riders were crushed in that game. Esks showed who the dominant team is in the final quarter.

Saskatchewan will have a tough time even winning one game in Ottawa or Toronto next week.

While they got it handed to them late they also were not playing their best receivers nor running backs...if they don't clean up their penalties it won't matter how they play though.

Will be interesting if Glenn starts next week and how long they leave him in if things aren't going well.

Boy has Gable ever fit in nicely with the Eskies and in short time!

Glancer Glenn will start, no question. Sporky Jones has a formula and it seemed to be working down the stretch. Got help from feeble Wally Buono from Wally of the Lost fame as the Lions tanked down the stretch.

Glenn's time will be measured in drives vs. time. He'll get two drive opportunities and then he's on borrowed time. If one drive results in a TD or FG he'll be given a 3rd drive. Once he goes 2 & out twice in a row he'll be put on coffee row.

A 5'8.5" dropback passer with limited mobility, playing in colder weather and facing a swarming front 7 will need to be picture perfect. That's not Glenn.

If the riders hadn't self-imploded with stupid penalties, the score would have been much closer if not reversed. I did not see a dominating Esk team, I saw an undisciplined Sask team.