GDT: Esks @ Lions

Good defensive game thus far - lots of hard smack goin' down.

Chris Cuthbert pull a classic Rod Black - actually worse than Black (if that's possible) when he declares J.C. Sherritt (Edm. MLB) OK and then seconds later Sherritt being lifted off the field by teammates in obvious duress w/ suspected torn Achilles (or worse).

Inexcusable a man like Cuthbert, so unlike Black in most broadcasting ways, jumps the friggin' gun on a player injury.

Nice lid, King Reilly, nice lid! :cowboy:

Uncle Milt starts making up names for newest CFL receiver - calling him Duke Walker. Whats Milt on tonite? Banana mist? :cowboy:

Did I just hear that right? It's taking too long for this video review so that means it's not bad enough to bother with review.

The CFL is an absolute joke.

you heard right - typical CFL jib-jab!

They haven't been able to come up with a formula to determine possession on the goal-line! And due to cheapness - they won't. So if its within a few inches they won't overturn.

Which in CFL speak means - they will! :cowboy:

Is Behar in the lineup for Edmonton tonite? Same question with Vandervoort for BC?

Guess Papazoola will eventually tell us - he's been stalking Bomber GM 'Special Ed' Walters since the bombers picked up '1 Man with 2 Bellies' Ekakatie w/ #1 overall pick - and 'Ghostrider' Gray w/ #6.

He called Rainey the Rainman. Don't think I'd like to be called that..

Oh shut up. It was perfectly reasonable for it.

Can't have reviews every single damn Play!

So much for the great BC D, with wide open receivers.
Where was the vaunted high power O ?

As for the kicker, not much better than 2016 with Leone.
2 missed converts. :roll: :roll:

OK, , I will give the Esks some credit. It was more that the Lions sucked.

Bad game in front of a home crowd.

Get it together Lions.

<20k is more of a gathering :o

The Eskimos were my dark horse team this year. Have always had a good O, D used to be a bit suspect, but not any more.

I believe their D-line to be the best in the CFL. Beat our O-line with 4 guys most of the night, mano-a-mano.....there weren't many complicated twists and stunts. Credit to the Esks O-line as well. Reilly was hurried but we didn't lay a glove on him very often. At all. That was the biggest disappointment of the night - BC's line play. Canadian field corner in his first start got schooled too.

BTW, Swayze Waters is BC's kicker, but he is injured (back in the next couple of weeks). Ty Long is the back-up, and his inexperience showed.

Ty Long looks more like a long-snapper vs. a professional kicker. Made a nice tackle though on one of his botched kicks! :cowboy:

Announced crowd will probably settle in at 23 to 24.5k - but the stands were spotty - no excuse on opening day. Great stadium, 2 very good teams with exceptional quarterbacks. 1 legendary coach and another one who's a bit of a mood-master.
Probably no more than 19,000 attending!

Chris Cuthbert with one of his worst outings - ever! Tons of mix-ups. Once he blew the call on Sherrit - saying Sherrit was OK (because he didn't look dead) he was hesitant with all his calls, over-cautious and it made for a poor broadcast as Suitor, sensing his partner was in trouble - brought far too much mail to his bag. :cowboy:

Less than 20k that is a huge concern considering they are coming off of a 12 win season and a promising exciting team.

Week 1 thoughts:

  1. Some real mean hitting out there. Far more smack and hack than ever before.

  2. Instant replay has turned into instant pee-play. Stop the joke now!

  3. First time in TSN broadcast history where Rodawful Black turned in a better performance on the stick than the usually steady Chris Cuthbert.

  4. Studio heat must have got to Milt Stegall - too many little errors. Calling Rainey, The Rainman is verboten. The Rainman is and always will be John Huard. Or perhaps Jennifer Hedger was wearing a mini-skirt in the studio?

  5. Reilly and Jennings have arms that can go all nite long. These guys throw over coverage - vs. thru it. And both have than quick dance move (bouncing off the pocket pursuit) to create that extra half to full second of downfield view. Mopes like Durant, Ray, Nichols & Harris don't possess this key trait. Bo Mitchell & James Franklin do. Even Lulay has it - except his arm is pretty much shot.

  6. Al Cadbury kept the show running fairly well, I thought. He was short-arming his TD signals a lot - but that's perhaps due to his own personal shape and inflexibility - not laziness.

  7. If it wasn't clear before - its clear now. Matt Dunigan is clearly the top dog on the CFL panel. His insights are usually sharp and on-point. His analysis is solid and easy for the average fan to understand. Big Chris is the panel version of Suitor - over-rehearsed and stiff. Milt has tons of personality but his stuff is more like Rod Black than Matt Dunigan.
    Jockstrap Climie, on most days is sharper than Schultzie or Milton.

  8. Camera work and direction by broadcaster is better, if opening week is the standard to be judged. Directors aren't missing as many plays as in prior seasons. Camera guys don't get lost by quality ball-handling!

  9. Love some of the guys acquired deep into the last couple drafts. Meanwhile, Bomber GM Special Ed Walters can't find a gorilla in a flock of seagulls

Big W against a very good BC team. I haven't watched it yet but was glad to see we pulled it out.

Wally should have gone for a first down early in the game instead of the fg IMHO. I think his time is over in coaching or should be. But a good game nevertheless, it was a a battle with some excellent plays. Two excellent backs in White and Johnson and that new receiver for the Esks Williams is going to be a good one.

Jennings not his best last night for sure.

[b]cflisthebest wrote:[/b] Can't have reviews every single damn Play!
Absolutely! Too many already in pro sports.

I'm shocked at how poorly the Lions played last night. I probably bought into the Lions mantra during preseason that everything was geared start the season game ready. They were anything but.
The o-line was beyond terrible
Special teams were worse
Discipline/penalties was poor
Play calling was vanilla. Jennings was all over the map.
D-backs explicably were busting coverage

I'm sure they will round into shape but they really need to be much better in the o-line to start.

Just a brutal start to the season.

But you sure need to give EE credit. Their scouting staff sure can gather new players to fill some holes.
And like other strong teams they have some great Canadian talent. Konar at LB was simply a beast. They are very patient developing these guys.

With the only problem being that "she" was revealing a bulge in "her" underwear which might excite some people.

According to Jamie Nye the Lions are runaway favourites to win the Cup.

One week in and his total lack of knowledge of the league shines through.

Jamie Nye - aka Tractor Fume Boy