GDT: Esks @ Bombers

We had a preview of this game in the preseason, where Winnipeg won by 20 points.

They don't play again until September, but will play a third time in the final week of the regular season.

Esks should win this one easily... without Nichols, Bombers don't stand a chance.

They stand a chance because the game has yet to be played, but it certainly doesn't look good for the Bombers since they have to start a QB straight out of college. The Bomber defence could come up big and give them a chance to stay in the game, but the rookie's going to have to play the game of his life.

I expect the Eskies to win handily but if Harris has a big day for the Bombers with hitch passes and running, I'm sure the game plan for the Bombers with this rookie qb to be simple, it just might do the trick.
Streveler doesn't look like andy slouch:

With Nichols out and starting a guy straight out of US college, the odds favour the Esks for sure. However, Esks will be without a few defensive starters. If Streveler can limit his mistakes and Harris goes off on Edmonton like he did during the regular season last year, and if the revamped Bomber D can limit the Esks big plays, the game could be a lot closer than expected.

Bombers front seven, with Biggy amped up and Lofler coming downhill, will be nasty.
I wish injury on no one but MR didn't get any younger in the off season, I expect both teams finish with second/third QB's....

A rookie pivot behind centre doesn't bode well for the Bomber offence on paper, no doubt, but he might surprise us and put a few majors on the board.

Don't think more than a handful of Do or Die'rs expect the bombers to swarm the Esks Thurs. nite, despite homefield advantage.

Basically look at this one as bombers 3rd exhibition game - this time for pts.

Reilly is just too sharp and powerful to let a Richie Hall D beat him - although he might be cruising for a bruising from Loffler, Bighill, Jefferson Jeffcoat, etc. Reilly usually hides his nicks well, using the 4 to 5 days between games to rest his broken body.

Minor win for bombers =

  1. Hold Esks to under 30 pts.

  2. Score 20 or more themselves!

No disgrace in that . . . . but it ain't 2 points!

At any rate, pumped to get the 2018 campaign started and running!

Unless Reilly has a uncharacteristic poor outing, I see Edmonton winning this game quite handily. Streveler will not limit his mistakes and the first downs are likely to be few and far between for the Bombers. Reilly and the Esks offense will score early, fall into a bit of a lull in the second quarter and early third, only to pull away mid-way through the second half.

Eskies 33
Bombers 14

Streveler had mixed results in his preseason games. One can hardly expect that he'll be completing passes at 100% - even at home. He won't be facing "vanilla" defenses either so while he may not look terrible, expecting the team to carry him to a win, might be expecting too much.
I have to give the edge to the Eskies in this one - but of course stranger things have happened!


I was just going to say it's off to a rather slow start then Reilly tossed that bomb to Walker for the first TD of the game! One play drive! :o

Inauspicious start for the Bombers. This could be a really lonnnng game for them.

Esks look ready!
I am anxious to see how the D plays tonight especially the secondary without Grymes!

Yep - especially with the pick that he just tossed to Sherritt! Nice for Sherritt - not so much for the BBs

Streveler has legs. He needs to use them. So far he's just standing in the pocket and telegraphing his throws.

Streveler is starting to settle down

Bingo - got what you wanted - don't think he even took time to look for a receiver that time but he did pick up a FD so maybe he was supposed to run. BBs finally are getting the ball moving. First couple of drives in the first game are often a bit rough until the players get the jitters out.

Nice TD pass by Streveler to Dressler to get the BBs on the board.