GDT: Esks @ Bombers

Could be a gooder. Lots to like about both clubs. Edmonton operating at the perimeter of their amazing depth. Bombers fairly healthy other than Dressler missing 3rd straight game.

Probably comes down to Medlock putting his leg on the line deep into the 4th quarter.

Looks like Cuthbert & Suitor being read in for the game broadcast. This pair should also do the BC/Calgary game tomorrow.Let Trumper Black handle the two eastern rubbish games.

Suitor also revealed plans to measure sound levels at IGF and Mosaic (Regina) stadiums - in order to reveal loudest stadium & loudest fans (don't know why he's drawing a distinction between the two).

Reilly knows how soft the bombers are in the middle - slow middle-linebacking with lack of power, too. Should enable him to torment the bombers with tons of crossing routes converting to the odd fly route. Reilly also superior running the ball vs. sluggish hobos like Kyle Knox and Sam Hurl for key first downs. Esks have been trying to reduce Reilly's exposure to unnecessary massive hits - ie. the kind of hit a monster like Poo Johnson can unleash on unsuspecting players!

For obvious reasons, GO BOMBERS GO.

Bombers are getting better. Wins against them are no longer easy.

FWIW I'm a bit anxious about this game. The Bombers are finding ways to win this season and have a little bit of confidence coming in. It should be a close one.

Bombers prolly have to play a near-perfect game; being 1 for 7 in the red zone just won’t cut it vs. a total pro like Reilly.
I’d say they’d have to be at least 3 for 7 in the red-zone; that’s 3 TDs plus 3 or 4 FGs - would give them minimum 31 pts; probably eking out a win!

This should be a good, er gooder one as Lyle mentions. :wink: I'll say the Eskies will lose for the first time. The Bombers have it going lately, really like the way Nichols and that offence is coming around.

…my current forehead sharpie tattoo…

Edmonton Crushes lifeless bombers. Now will Winnipeg make the changes need;

LOL Need Comments. Could be very close. Medlock last second!!!!!!!! or miss!! ???

As bombers ascend up the CFL ladder their attention to fundamentals is starting to deteriorate. Some atrocious penalties being taken - robbing the big blue of big yards.

They're obviously playing nervous vs. the big bads - but some of those penalties are just plum dumb!

Bombers though are playing tough despite penalties and that fumble by Harris. A team determined. Harris, I love that guy. Lambeau leaping I see.

Did I actually just see something resembling a smile on Coach O'Shea's face? Can't be.

Better get O’Shea the smelling salts. He might not know if he’s foot or horseback!


50 yd hail mary by Mad Hatter Reilly and 2 bomber hobos can't supply prevent vs. a stud like Duke Walker. Carmichael is perhaps the bombers weakest starter (pretty close between Carmichael & Hurl)

Adams, that man wants the football for himself! Have to tape the 2nd half, getting up early tomorrow.

Very odd rule. There's a hold on the play and then an unnecessary roughness moving up 5 but automatic first down. Seems you would want 1st and 5 not 1st and 10 if it's from the same spot no?

Ugly first half but just like that Mike and the boys turn up the heat.

Took awhile but Mike Reilly finally introduced to Winnipeg #4 Rot Carmichael. Guy can't tackle, can't track balls in air, but sure does a standup version of Ray Charles playing football!


Another 1 on 2 beatdown by an Edmonton receiver - helped by a wonderful hoist by Reilly.

Look for Wpg's great offensive gameplan to slowly unravel - as Reilly takes over the game.

He's like The Borg - he will assimilate you!!! lol

2nd half shootout? I like it.

Two dropped ints by the Esks tho.

Edmonton rapidly running out of healthy players - but as long as they have #13 they’ll make life miserable for the bombers - right to the last whistle!