GDT: Esks @ Bombers

Esks & Bomber fans being given a bit of a reprieve as they won't have to weather a Rod Black/Duane Forde storm.

This one should be fairly routine. Lash Larue (Mike Reilly) will be short work out of a Richie Hall reverse umbrella defense.

No, the Esks aren't capable of blowing the bombers out 47-0 or somesuch - their defense is horrid and their offensive schemes are blasé - but Reilly can make gold outta rusted horse shoes.

O'Shea's handling of the Harris injury is getting tired. Bombers also will feature a receiving corps of two smurfs (Smith & Dressler) plus former bomber reject Clarence Denmark plus their slow Canadian depth.

The Wolf of Ball Street (Nichols) has been getting away without trouble, keeping the PLOP offense simple with mostly short passes. Lots of trouble recently converting 2nd and moderate - that will continue tonite.

Esks need this to verify a crossover and maintain the chase for 2nd or 3rd in west. Knocking off the bombers will even keep hope alive to overtake BC - although that's a bit of a pipedream immo.

Reilly destroys the bomber D - final score Esks 32, Bombers 19

Field Mouse Kevin Glenn should see his first action since bombers acquired him. :cowboy:

Bigger game for the Esks than the Bombers.

Esks drop over 40 on the Bombers tonight and that contract extension goes up in smoke. Bombers fans start looking for the pitchforks and rails that were discarded a month ago.

As I've been saying for years, Mike O'Shea is a very good coach. People are just now beginning to realize this - - better late than never, I suppose.

Wow, the Esks are really gettin' after it.

Gonna be an interesting crossover this year.

I think O'Shea has improved to the point of being a middle of the road CFL coach, who's definitely a player's coach - sometimes that helps, often it doesn't!

Tonite - he's being handed a hoss-whippin' by Jason Maas, who was imbedded in a deep slump. Seems the bombers are acting as slump-busters tonite.

As you put it A51 - Nichols is being exposed as an itinerant transient who can't hit the long targets and is starting to skip rocks off the IGF turf.

Pretty much the form chart I'd envisioned for this matchup!

Although I didn't expect Jiminy Cricket, aka John White to start molesting bomber linebackers!

We both agree Westerman is pretty much spent!

I don’t think the bombers, nor their fans will mind hitting the crossover path; especially after Maas and Reilly exposing them for what they are (cred. Bo Levi Media)

For a multitude of reasons, Mike O'Shea must ignore every impulse possible to insert The Field Mouse, Kevin Glenn into the fray!

Reilly is making Westerman look foolish with play fakes. Just lost contain on him again.

Bud Grant added to Bombers ring of honour at halftime but nothing can compare to his legendary performance during Wild Card Weekend last year.

Third coldest game in NFL history and 88yr old Bud Grant shows up for the coin toss in shirt sleeves.

Now that's toughness.

Being the players coach that he is, O’Shea will stay loyal to Nichols much longer than anyone else would. Likely going to take a few more weeks of ineptitude from Nichols until O’Shea has no choice but to bench him.

WTF does Benevides insist on that ridiculous look of wearing his hat backwards?

The guy looks more like a mascot than a DC.

That’s an easy assertion to agree with. If bombers continue to come out of the chute like molasses - he might insert Glenn early to break up the decline!

Westerman seems to be huntin' for someone to play patti-cake with!

Bombers still need at least one win to verify for the cross-over. Might be extremely difficult to achieve the way they're slumping right now!

Yeah, I said it - they're slumping, Next guy to follow will be Husky Heavy (aka Gary Lawless)

In Bizzarro World (Winnipeg) there's no doubt Wadzilla gonna re-up O'Shea for 2 or 3 more years - especially before the slump gets deeper!

Bombers are going to need either a defensive TD or a special teams TD - - ideally both - - since Nichols is incapable of moving the offence.

Lacy having a terrible night.

LOL at Cord Parks - - the guy was terrible in BC and he's just as bad in Edmonton.

Smart challenge from O'Shea - - DB had his arm across Dresslers chest.

Just not enough friction though for an overturn!