GDT: Esks @ Als

The Eskies get their Quebec Trip out of the way before August.

On the field warming up

I predict he will be in before the midpoint of the 2nd qtr

Will Johnny Football play tonight?

Oh ya, he is gonna play, and he will make things happen!

Awesome Brodie Lawson getting tons of competition on Brodie Thursdays from Johnny Manziel - and she's starting, he's NOT....

If NFL films were in charge of the game opening and some marketing for Manziel jersey & t-shirts they might want to consider playing this little ditty - actually don't know how they missed it - - - - - -

Don't know about you - but the CFL is better when Jumbo Jimbo Barker is part of it . . .

In watching tonight’s pre game, looks like the Als have sold a lot of JM merchandise with no doubt more to come.
That aspect alone is a money maker.

Bit of a NO-LOSE situation for the Als tonite - only scenario he doesn't get in the game is if Vern Adams pitches a perfect game and leads the Als to victory over Mighty Mike Reilly and the Eskimos....

If Adams falters slightly - I'm sure he'll get at least a full quarter, if not two, then cue up my version of "WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME"

Kudos to TSN for pairing the excitable but really knowledgeable Matt Dunigan with reliable and professional Rockin' Rod Smith . . . . and now we know what job Chris Schultz has for TSN - he's responsible for blocking out Rod Black entering McGill Stadium grounds - - - don't like Black's chances of getting in!

As long as he's not on the sidelines interfering with the referees! >:(

So far the larks are moving on the EE and have just managed a TD - with the help of a DPI call. Looked a bit accidental to me but it will be called.

Great opening drive by VA2!

A nice drive by Adams.
I know it's way too early, but wouldn't it be deja vu if Adams turned into another Masoli.
Leaving JF on the bench again?

Touche! Especially in his Birkenstocks!!!

For now, JF is supposed to play but probably only in certain situations or maybe later in the game - although I did hear he's listed as the #3 QB on the depth chart.

Johnny Football comes to Montreal and Adams turns into Dan Marino. Go figure.

Come on Eskies! I put Williams and and CJ on my fantasy team this week so you need to get moving that ball and score some serious points.


How did the kick go that far? ::slight_smile:

Would LOVE to see Montreal win. :slight_smile:

If it's the one I saw it looked rather weak but the Eskies aren't doing themselves any favours so far - pretty much shooting themselves in the foot and giving the game away to the larks. ::slight_smile:
Either that or the refs are REALLY trying to help the larks win this game! :-\