GDT: Eskimos @ Tiger-Cats October 4th!

It’s funny hearing people say they’d love for their team to get Masoli, considering so many people refused to count him among the league’s elite QBs just a couple of months ago.

If for some reason the Cats decided they could only keep one next year, I’m not sure who I would hope for. I’m a huge fan of both, both have shown that they can win consistently. Masoli is further along the learning curve, and therefore has an edge right now. But that leads to two questions: is Masoli as good as he’s going to get, and how good will Evans become in a year or two?

Sign Masoli for two years, so his next contract will expire at the same time as Evans’. Then, after the 2021 season (Grey Cup game in Hamilton) you will probably have a better idea who you want to lead you into 2022. Pour all your money into that guy and sign a young player to learn from him.

The Ticats really put the Eskimos on ice.

I see what you did there, but yup, they ate 'em RAW!!

Oh Ya. I agree. There is no way Hamilton wants to let him go.
However, it will prolly be outa there hands.
Toronto this season threw almost a limitless amount of $$$ at BLM & Trevor Harris.
No doubt they will do the same for Masoli.
In Ottawa. The front office made a HUGE mis calculation at QB this year.
Its the first time for them.
In the expansion Dtaft they got Kevin Glenn. A good QB for a first year expansion team. & after year one or two you go get a starter that is gona get ya to GC.
They didnt even wait barely a month before they acquired Henry Burris.
Then they were able to acquire Trevor Harris to come in year 3 or so. As Burris’ back up for a couple of seasons. Burris retired Harris got to GC.
They let Harris walk this season with barely a fight.
Annointed Davis as Starter and tried to revive a one year wonder to back him up.
So Management starting with GM are desperate to right that wrong.
& have to open their piggy bank a bit. Before their is a mutiny

Ya. Maas culda gotten canned after last season.
But the Esks went out and very active in Free Agency to bring in some of the best FA available.
Even before Trevor Harris went down. Maas & the Esks were quickly on a downslide.
So it appears Maas will prolly to be the first HC to get Fired.

Interesting situation in Winnipeg. O'Shea on the last year of his contract.
& no extension was signed. And thats after they were flying high with Matt Nichols.
& they didnt start their slide until Nichols went down for the season.
I think O'Shea likely has some things in the works elsewhere after this season.

As for the rest of the teams I cant see any HC heads being on the chopping block for several reasons. It doesnt mean it wont happen tho.

I do see alot of Coordinators getting the axe tho

Bingo. All of this.
Cats probably won't be able to outbid the others.

Hahaha… Absolutely Ottawa or Toronto are going to make Masoli an offer he just cant refuse.
I gota think that with most of the CFL Head Coaches are defensive guys.
I gota beleive that Dinwiddie has been dangling in Calgary as QB coach for for years while Dickenson and Huff still are really the OC’s.
Im not sure wat Arbuckles situation is. But I can see Dinwiddie landing the OC / QB coach job in toronto or Ottawa. & whichever team lands Dinwiddie.
They will do wat it takes to bring Arbucklevwith him.
The other will win the Masoli sweapstakes.