GDT: Eskimos @ Tiger-Cats October 4th!

So will Logan Kilgore start showing better numbers at the helm of the Eskimos’ Offence? Or will it be contingent on the Defence to steal a W in Steeltown?

Will Tyrell Sutton be the one to revive the Tiger-Cats’ dormant ground game? And will Dane Evans continue to build a case for himself as a starting QB in the CFL? If not in Hamilton then somewhere else?


For those PVR’ing the game it is only on TSN1 and TSN5 at 7PM ET, 5PM local time for those of you out in Edmonton. (TSN3 has a Jets game and TSN4 a Leafs game).

I’ll be at the game - but it is going to be very tight to make it on time since I work until 6. Considering there is nothing on TSN after the game - just Sportscentre - I’m not sure why the 7PM start time.

It would be much more convenient for those of us going to the game to back it up by half an hour at least. And I’m sure Edmonton fans aren’t thrilled with a 5PM local time start either.

At the game the Ti-Cats will be honouring members of their 1999 Grey Cup winning club and will add Rob Hitchcock to the Wall of Honour at Tim Hortons Field.

Umm…Evans is under contract with us through 2021.

Could still be trade bait in the off-season.


He’s not going anywhere for a while. Masoli becomes a free agent this off-season, and until he’s locked into to a contract, they’re not letting go of Evans.

Even if they do bring back Masoli, which I’m sure they’ll make every effort to do, nearly every team saw this season how important it is to have a backup of Evans’ calibre. The Cats may not want to let him go.


Yup. You have to have two QBs. A starter and a good backup. Thats in all the highest levels of football.
Pro: CFL & NFL. As well as College football.
You dont want it to be a QB Controversy.
You need to have your #1 guy. The back up can be a good up & coming young guy who has been developing.
Thats what we have seen in this CFL season in spades.
The youngest most inexperienced is Strevler in Winnipeg.
VA in Montreal started the season as number 2. But has been around for awhile and has gotten his share of starts. After Pipken was hurt. VA just won the job flat out.
In Sask Farjardo has been backing up future Hall of Famers in Ray & Lulay. For a few seasons while being the short ystdage QB. That combo is paying off right now. As he was thrust into the starting role early. Zack Collaros is certainly no slouch but major concussion issues has really slowed him the last few years.
Dane Evans in Hamilton entering his 3rd season. Is playing lights out right now.
It stinks that masoli went down for the season in game 7. But that was 7 games for Evans to develop behind him. As well he left Evans & Hamilton in great position.
Logan Kilgore in Edmonton now in for Harris. We are all very unsure of what he can do. But he has been around for 5 seasons. So we shall see.
Also of course Arbuckle in the Calgary machine played very well. But he is no BLM at least for now.
Which really sets up Calgary the best at this point

Love to see Masoli in Ottawa .

If this continues …

Can’t see them sit Evans down next year that won’t go over very well especially if this results in the cup this year .

How can you ?

Evans will be renegotiated with the Cats if he brings them the cup .

Like the drone shots tonight above the stadium even if it shows a few blocks of grey and yellow .

Interesting the connection between Evans and Burris with coach Blankenship .

Small world .

Logan Kilgore is absolute garbage…prolific at under-throwing the ball. He is already 29 years old so there is no really upside. When the off season comes he should be released and the Esks can look for a proper backup.

A great problem for a Tiger Cat fan. Hoping one of them can bring the Cup back to the Hammer!

Well Sutton. Did resurect the TiCats run game looking very good all game in Running the ball outa the backfield & dump off catches & runs.
Then to start the 4th qtr Kilgore did have a nice drive that finally ended up with a TD in the Redzone opposed to settling on field goal.
TiCats next possesion Sutton just grinded out yards leading to a TD. Game over at that point.

Interesting at the end of that drive Hamilton brought in Watford in short yardage QB package near goaline & Evans was visibily upset on the sidelines.
Well. Welcome to the World of a number 1 guy.
Wen Masoli went out for the season.
Hamilton wasted no time bringing Watford back basically within in two days.
Obviously it was to be the short Yardage packge QB.
He struggled a bit early. So Evans was left in more.
But you saw bit of a wrinkle to Watford in the short yardage QB package.
He slid down the oline and ran basically on off Tackle to the Left side.

Actually made it to the game on time - just. But there were hundreds lined up at the gates half way through the first quarter. And I suspect the time probably kept some ticket holders who come a further distance home.

Amazing how cold it felt (even though it was +7C.) Our bodies still in summer weather mode so even with a few layers people were heading home early saying they were cold as they passed us. (our seats right on the aisle.)

Cats looked great! As did the sky just after the sunset early in the game.

Great picture

Have to agree with others on this thread re: Masoli and Evans. The Ti-Cats would have to be insane to let either of them walk. Although I would love to see one or both of them in Ottawa!

Both are, in my opinion, two of the best underrated QBs in the league. Solid, front-line, hardscrabble trench-fighters. And to echo what others have already said, this year has been a stark demonstration of the need to have two good QBs on deck.

QBs aside, what I saw last night was a very strong, confident, solid team all playing as one. As a Redblacks fan, so used to disappointment this season, it very satisfying to see my # 2 team doing so well and on their way to the Championship. The Great Eastern Hope as I like to call them. No, I have not switched sides. Still a Redblacks fan and will take their side against all comers, but this year, for us, is a bust.

And…full disclosure, I do get a bit of schadenfreude from last night’s game, given that my Redblacks lost some of their key players to Edmonton and seeing that it has apparently not done Edmonton a whole lot of good. Yes, I admit that my sentiments are selfish, juvenile, mean-spirited etc. etc. But sometimes being a die-hard sports fan engenders such base sentiments in an otherwise reasonable man.

Good on ya Steeltown. Maybe this year is your turn. I’ll be in Calgary cheering you guys on.

Yes, absolutely!

You know I can’t shake the impression that the Eskimos just quit as a team after the pass that was deflected off the hands of DaVaris Daniels was intercepted with just over six minutes to play in the game. Did anybody else get that same impression?


There is only one word to describe the Eskimo’s game…PATHETIC! How can you win a football game if you can’t tackle, can’t throw, can’t catch, can’t run and you seem to have only one play in the offensive play book.

Note to Maas, the teams have figured out that if the cover the swing pass that is all you got! You haven’t figured that out after 4 games. Why are you still coaching? At this rate we will miss the playoffs and you still won’t have anything imaginative in the playbook.

Like I said, PATHETIC!

Can’t see how that guy keeps his job this offseason. Mind you I said the same thing last season…

Not sure what point in the fourth they put in their #3 but to me that was an admission of defeat right there!

Nice comment - thanks. Can’t say that I can see the Ticats let Masoli walk after all the time they’ve invested in him over the past three years. He deserves to be able to stay and I sure can’t see them wanting to let him go to an eastern rival!

You must sit on the east side. When we attend games we normally sit on the West side so I have to go up to the back of the concourse to see the sunset over the escarpment. Great pic! Glad you enjoyed the game - I think I would have been wearing my light down jacket if I’d been there. Gets a little cool sitting up in those stands!