GDT: Eskimos @ Tiger-Cats November 17th!

That can’t be a very long-running problem, given the franchise’s timelines.

Tell you what then. Give me the six points and I'll put up my $20 against yours. Loser must donate the $20 to whatever charity the winner chooses. We'll do it right here out in the open on this board.



I did account for this being a big upset.

Yeah.... but I wanted to know what the YES was for. ?*

*Just teasing a more than stalwart Riders fan.

Done Deal !!!

Now I just have to think about what charity I’m going to give yer $20 to . :slight_smile:

Rider Eskimos grey cup , at McMahon

Yup. Our franchise is young but let me tell you: this season has seemed like an eternity to most of us Redblacks fans.

Same one as you bud. Edmonton was in cruise control. The score should have been much higher.

Okay, done indeed!

cruise control, lol.

right :slight_smile:

I’m picking the Ti-Cats. Just the better team I think. But if you are PVRing the game make sure you set it to run an hour past the stop time.

Oh my…

so while driving to the beer store this afternoon I discovered I could set my cruise control at 15 KM’s / hour.

Now the cruise control comment makes sense.

Very good football weather in both cities tomorrow BTW

This is what they’re playing for today.

That trophy would look kind of funny in the Eskimo trophy case.

“Who has two thumbs and finished fourth in their division? This guy!”

I think the Ti Cats are going to win.

This year I think the Grey Cup is theirs to lose, actually.


I’m not so sure about that ? Harris is pretty on lately.

Horrendous call by the CC