GDT: Eskimos @ Tiger-Cats November 17th!

Here it is, the Eastern Final, the game for half the marbles!

LeoVegas has installed the Tiger-Cats as 5.5 point favourites. Moreover four out of the six expert analysts on the CFL site are picking the Tiger-Cats. Do you agree?


Last week all 6 picked Stamps…4 experts are going to be wrong in this game too! go esks go!

Still not convinced Harris can beat a contender. They only just squeaked by Montreal.

Cats are the complete package. Cats by 10

We have this by a minimum of two majors.

think there will be some points scored.

31-14 Hamilton.

Hamilton wins this, but in doing so they will need to play disciplined football and contain Gable.

Harris owns the Cats. Esks 31 Cats 25

Eskimos will be the first crossover team to go to the GC.

Beat Montreal big time. Hamilton average at best!! Very close exciting game. Edmonton late win.

Big time? They won by 8.

In Hamilton, any win by less than two scores feels like a loss.

The only reason Harris was hardly sacked or intercepted this year was that he never played Hamilton.

And don’t forget that the highest-scoring offence in the league is playing on Sunday against an Edmonton defence that allowed Hamilton to score 63 points in two games.

Cats by 18.

Perfect at home - if Hamilton’s average, than Edmonton must be those boys in the school yard playing catch.

Big time?? What game were you watching? Game was in doubt until and Edmonton interception with 0:51 to go. If you call that getting beat big time then you have never seen a close game.

Hamilton is pretty darn good but any team can win on any given Sunday and I believe Edmonton will pull it out.

LMAO !!! Got news for ya , keep believing because it ain't gonna happen . I guarantee it . Tell ya what ya want to make some easy money ? Current line is Hamilton minus 6 . Take out a mortgage on yer farm borrow as much money as you can from anybody willing to lend it to you , break open yer piggy bank and take back all yer empties and place it all on the Cats . Believe this and me , it will be the easiest money that will ever come yer way .

Oh ya , trust me this ones over early and all but decided well before half-time .

Half-time score : Cats 27 Eskies 6

Final Score : Cats 41 Eskies 16

Book It Baby !!! cause it's gonna happen 8) See ya all in Calgary in a weeks time !!! ;D

How little confidence you have in your team. ::slight_smile:

People are entitled to their opinion, but has anyone picking the Eskies taken into consideration that IF they win it would be one of the biggest upsets in league history.

Think on the level of the Riders over the Eskimos in the 1989 West Final.

I thought that.....but Vegas disagrees.


Tabbys win. And this is a hopeful prediction from a Redblacks fan who is fed up with watching former Redblacks players help other teams win games.

The key is to shut down Harris. He is a bit better on his feet than when he played for Ottawa, but he still gets rattled and makes mistakes when the pressure is on him. So message to the Ti-Cats: GET HARRIS.

The second element will be to shut down Gable.

If I don’t see the Tabbys on the field next week in Clagary, then I am gonna be some pissed over the money I spent.


Hey G&W...
Did you just wake up and say yes because the post included mentioned the Riders winning that game.....

or because you agree that Edmonton will win this game OR because you agree with the size of the potential upset?