GDT: Eskimos @ Stampeders August 3rd!

So the first Battle of Alberta of 2019 kicks off tomorrow evening! Both teams will dress a newcomer in their respective starting lineups, the Eskimos Kevin Elliott and the Stampeders Romar Morris.

Be there (in front of your TV anyway), or be square!

Expecting another low-scoring affair. Hoping the Stamps keep Tre “Three-Yard” Harris hopping. To win, all the Stamps have to do is plant a boxing defensive end or corner three yards deep without getting sucked in, and they’ll have a chance to pick off Tre’s passes into the flat all night long. As predictable as the rising of the sun.

I’m going to be there. Can’t wait for this one

Hopefully the Stampeders don’t come out in ugly black uniforms. Too hard on the eyes. Whenever they pull that stunt I switch to the radio.


Aren’t you lucky - more red than black tonight! I don’t think they have the alternate uniform any more since players can only wear one helmet this season and fortunately the Stamps opted for red, not black. Personally I think they should ditch the black on their uniforms altogether. Very confusing when they play the OTTRBs who are of necessity red and black.

So FAR Harris terrible. What’s with the one-yard completions. That’s what Calgary defense loves.
Maybe but not sure, why not throw a long pass of 9 yards?? Terrible play calling and QB passing to the same out side short patterns.

But that’s how Harris plays and how EE runs their offense. It was much the same when he was in Ottawa - short passes and depend on the receivers to get the YAC for FD yards.

Well after a slow start in the first half - the offenses are warming up and starting to put up some points. Even Harris is chucking the ball downfield.

That’s why I’ve started to refer to him as Tre “Three-Yard” Harris. Yes, he occasionally completes a long ball, but the short passes into the flat are so predictable as to be annoying. I’ve begun to question his abilities as a pro QB. A trained lemur could post big completion percentages on endless three-yard passes. Winning teams get the ball down the field.