GDT: Eskimos @ Roughriders November 2nd!

The Edmonton Eskimos are resting Trevor Harris, Greg Ellingson and Ricky Collins for the playoffs since tomorrow’s game means nothing in the standings for the Esks.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders though are going all-in for the W that would secure a first place finish in the West Division.

LeoVegas has installed the Roughriders as 9.5 point favourites. Do you agree?


Esks will beat the spread.

Riders by 4.

Could be interesting. Although Fajardo is listed as the starter, listening to his press conference, he makes it sound pretty doubtful that he will be playing. He and the team have all the confidence in the back ups, so if he doesn’t play, it should make for an interesting game.

With Fajardo, Riders by 17. Without Fajardo, Riders by 9.

Edmonton is looking bad…really bad.

oh cute, the riders are wearing their silly jewelry.

GO Riders Go to the GreyCUP

The riders will be lucky to win this one … the offence is not firing at all

both teams are playing bad…but outside of a couple plays, Edmonton has played like garbage, while the Riders have just looked bad.

I’d say unless Edmonton wakes up, the Riders should have this game without too much issue.

If the Riders don’t wake up they are going to loose this game.
Don’t seem to be playing like they need to win…

At this rate they are playing next week

A horrible bad call - should have been challenged

Yup officials just handed Edmonton 7.

Forget that, Riders are playing like crap!

Have they had a first down this half?

The O-Line is wimping out…Getting pushed around…Man

Maas upset that was called? Not dirty but a textbook face mask … no doubt on it

Still no first downs …

They are crapping the bed big time… as a team. 5 missed FG till now and 4 alone today.

Can’t even make a SHORT FIELDGOAL…Sh-t~

Riders need to find their OFFENSE>>>>>or they can kiss this one goodbye