GDT: Eskimos @ RedBlacks September 28th!

Will Trevor Harris be back at QB for the Eskimos? Can they pull out of their slide?

And speaking of slides, can the RedBlacks stem their slide to the bottom or are they simply a write-off this year?


Hmmmmm. Two votes to two. Twould seem there’s not much interest in this game.


Just didn’t get in here yesterday or earlier today to place a vote - family is here for the weekend - but since it appears that some OTTRB players have already started to “mail it in” I expect the EE to get themselves back in the win column - even with Kilgore - as it appears it’s going to be his team for the foreseeable future. Maybe Harris gets back for a playoff game (but I don’t think they’ll be playing more than once in the post season).

watching this game now…expecting a snoozefest, but whatever.

Generally I always root for Eastern teams over Western teams…

So go RB’s!

(though I chose Edmonton to win in the poll)

Looks like Ottawa plans to alternate Davis & Jennings each series. Don’t think we’ve seen that since Theismann/Barton in Toronto.

And I’m wrong; that’s 2 consecutive series for Davis.

Definitely a snooze fest. Looks like neither team wants to win! EE celebrating their FG to give them a ONE point lead like they just won the GC!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
Whyte on for FG #2 (think the first point was a punt single but could be wrong so this might be #3)
We have a nice baseball score at half time in the football game.

Both teams look incompetent on offense - can’t score a TD to save their lives! One of them will come away with the W today though.

From what I read, the switching of QBs would depend on the flow of the game and if one seemed to be “rolling” then they’d stay with the “hot” hand.

Not that they are any threat to our “cats” but why would you cheer for the OTTRBs who are absolutely TERRIBLE! ??? ???

Sitting here watching this game with the same resigned fatalism as I do watching a movie about the Titanic. Hoping for a different outcome but…

ORB defense doing well and pretty much saving points against.

They should leave Davis in and be done with it.

Our only saving grace is that Edmonton’s game is also lacklustre but that will only prevent a blow out.

Tough season to be an ORB fan.

Yes, but there is no flow to this game. At all.

Any way to cut off Dunnigan’s mike? Or perhaps just slot him in with the Eskimos’ cheer team.

Ya ya. The disgruntled ramblings of a frustrated fan.

…first TD in 58 possessions…crazy…wonder what the record is?..

Ugly game by 2 teams not playing very well right now

Even though I was rooting for Edmonton (an Ottawa loss makes a playoff berth for my Als more likely), it was depressing AF to see Ottawa lose, again.

As an Ottawa resident who has to live with the eternally, obnoxiously toady Ottawa sports media I quite enjoy it.

Understandable. :slight_smile:

I just hope ownership remains solvent and Ottawa isn’t forced into league ownership, like Montreal.

Didn’t see all of this game but what I did see (part of the first half) it looked like neither team wanted to win. Not surprised with the EE win but I wouldn’t exactly call it convincing.

Was at the game South Side was sparse for a crowd .

Game was a mess for Ottawa on offence until the long FG and then went the distance for the touchdown then of course followed that up with an injury and a sack .

Then there is hope and the announcer yells first down and then they check for the exact yardage and they call it a turnover . That was a teaser missed call by the announcer to yell for the crowd . Kinda bizzare for the stadium announcer to use wishful thinking to yell first down . Never heard that before .

My concern is that OSEG was formed by three prominent local developers and Jeff Hunt … Jeff Hunt is a sports guy but will the others remain committed since the the real estate portion of the initiative is now complete … Financially, the cost of the CFL franchise was small compared to what they invested in the commercial/residential development on the land the City gifted to them for bringing back the football team so taxpayers could renovate/rebuild the stadium for them … so far no whispers of issues, but the Ottawa sports media has not changed since all but one of 6-7 “journalists” who heard Bruce Firestone “joke” about tanking while out drinking with them (buying them drinks?) just buried it … I have no confidence that most of them would report on it if OSEG was ever to tighten the pursestrings (or worse).