GDT: Eskimos @ Lions

Vermonter usually does this but kickoff is less than 90 minutes away. He may be busy today so I thought I would start this, one! So to clarify, I am not after his gig ;D

I'm choosing not to add a poll because we know that the Esks will be the heavy favorites. However, unlike the Stamps the Eskimos have been beat this season.


...Lions need this game, I expect they will be very hungry tonight, and hopefully take the dubya... a stamps fan, are you afraid of the eskimos?? :slight_smile:

And the Lions win the pre-game cookie challenge. Things are looking up! :slight_smile: ;D

I usually don't pull up the thread soon enough to vote in the poll anyway. I do expect EE to win but anything can happen. Hamilton beat them IN Edmonton earlier in the season but BC hasn't looked too impressive this season most of the time.
Reilly needs to start targeting WALKER too! He's on my fantasy team.

Lions D. welcoming the Esks with wide open arms. :-\

If it was Manziel who moved in the pocket as Reilly did, Suitor would have been gushing about his amazing scrambling ability.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But Reilly doesn't toss picks constantly!

You simply have to put a semblance of a rush on Reilly otherwise he'll eat you alive. Even if you rush him - he's crafty as all hell - - - he'll step into voids like he knows them by heart!

Anyways, put some pressure on him - force him into those voids and try like the dickens to pick off his high, high hoists!

Kate Beirness won't like this but I think using Awesome Brodie Lawson doing gimmick interviews in the stands w/ german tourists is a vast waste of talent.

Given the vast decline of Rod Black and the ages of Rod Smith & CC Cuthbert (both early to mid 60s) I'd love it if they weaned Lawson into actually calling games! She really knows her football and seems relatively cool under pressure!

And he sure got himself out of a jam on that play - after the "fake" FG - and EE scores again as a result.

...absolutely, they can’t be ignored, little sneaky green guys...

Rainey was sooo needed last week.

Impressive punt return TD by Rainey!

Pretty close half so far.

Leos concerned about their protection - big surprise that!

And are all Gatorade containers safely out of the range of Maas?

(Colorful Language)

Nice TD pass - only to be negated by the holding penalty - and quickly followed by the pick.

BC need to stop hurting themselves - that ended up in a 14 point swing

And just like TSN you "bleeped" it out!

Love the comment about the "Final Jeopardy" music needed as the officials confer over the flags! ;D

;D ;D ;D My dog can hear me.. don't wanna swear in front of her. :wink: