GDT: Eskimos @ Lions July 11th!

So can the Eskimos repeat the trick from Game Two but in Vancouver this time? Will the Eskimos be able to deal with a resurgent John White? Will Lions’ Coach DeVone Claybrooks have a few other nasty surprises in store for the Eskimos?

Stay tuned! All will be clear late tomorrow evening.

Esks will win the season series although I suspect that the score might be closer and Reilly might not spend as much time on his butt in this game! I’ll be back to chat later!

The way I see it in order for BC to have any chance the O line has to keep Reilly clean on his feet while in the pocket.
Last week against my lowly Argos, he was pressured, sacked and hurried horribly.

You hit the nail on the head there Argo T - BC’s OL is NOT that good - or at least hasn’t played well so far. The only thing that has kept Reilly a bit more upright since they last played EE is the use of a running game. Not sure that’s enough against a strong EE defense and their productive offence.

Totally agree with both of you, that o-line needs to produce…

And they sure didn’t on that opening “drive” which lasted two plays! :-[

I will say though that the BC defense is starting to show some teeth.

Interesting that at the end of the first quarter EE has fewer yards than BC but a 7 point lead! Of course BC gave them a few “free” yards via penalty on the TD scoring drive!

Well I might have been wrong in predicting that Reilly wouldn’t be on his butt as much - not quite half time and he’s already been sacked 4 times. That puts him on pace for at least 8 this game! Of course “on pace” doesn’t always happen.

Whyte keeping busy putting points on the board - again.

There look to be some fans amidst the empty seats in the dome tonight.

Harris a pure passer and it seems like the Eskimos are running a shorter style pass offence for him similar to what Ottawa used him for with great success. High strung personality but he’s great passer. We miss him in Ottawa. This roughing the passer injury doesn’t look good, looks like lineman fell onto Harris after he was hit.

Agree with tabbie Fan … going to be a loooooong painfull season for Mike Reilly

Wasn’t sure that Claybrooks had a case for challenging that RTP call but I guess Willis did hit a bit above the knee. VERY close call. Harris seemed to be walking around all right so may be okay to continue in the second half but we’ll see.

Yup I guess part of Reilly’s high salary is “danger pay” for the number of hits he’s taking because of his porous OL! FIVE sacks already in this game!!
Unless they can change personnel or schemes, he’s going to be harried ALL season long and BC won’t have any chance of being successful.

Like we predicted, the BC offensive line is down right offensive.
Horrible the worst in the league.
Reilly sadly will not last the season.

I was hoping that the BC o line would have learned a thing or two from the last fiasco against the Esks but alas no. Like the crazy man, they keep doing the same damn thing expecting a better outcome. If this continues, Reilly will be in a cast or crutches or both by the end of August.

Worst in the league three years running now and no sign of any improvement.

Agree with you Rick on Harris’ style of play: pure passer. Cannot agree with you on missing him though. His inconsistent performance when with the ORBs was frustrating as hell. He was not good under pressure and I believe that Maas has taken this into account by having an O-line that can offer him maximum protection to give him time to do his thing. But that might not last. If teams can figure out how to crack that o-line consistently then Harris will go down like a cheap Canadian Tire tent.

Ellingson, I miss and cannot for the life of me, understand why the ORBs let him go.

On the reverse side, BC’s o-line is the complete opposite: they are giving Reilly zero protection.

The definition of insanity! i don’t think Winnipeg really misses Suhk Chung!

doesn’t matter what they “learn”. They are a bunch of lardo sloths that couldn’t physically do better to save their lives

EE staring the rout once again. And silly me thought the game might be closer! Harris appears none the worse for wear after that hit from Willis.

Maybe your suspector is faulty. ;D
30-3 at this moment.

You’re right and i just commented on that. My suspector is not doing well - thought the Ticats would beat the larks again last week too! :-[