GDT: Eskimos @ Blue Bombers June 27th!

ooked like a catch too bad for the penalty…penalties are oing to kill my team

what the hell is the matter with these guys(esks D)


what a couple of carries by Demski.

His defense not so much - negating plays with undisciplined play and penalties. There should be a couple who will be lighter int he wallet by this time next week! They seem to be taking penalties on every play this drive – nothing like giving free yards to the opposition! :-[ :-[ :-[

And he’s in the end zone with the TD - and in the stands to celebrate!

Not sure CJ will be racking up the yards tonight. Blue D getting some pressure on Harris limiting them to a FG.

This could be more of a defensive battle tonight.

And then again I could be wrong!

CJ appears to be having another good game.

I can’t believe how we lost him?! (Traded him for “nothing” if I recall correctly?)

why shotgun on 3rd down?

June jones calling plays for EDM it seems.

come on esks

Once in a blue moon it works - obviously no blue moon an the 'Peg tonight! :smiley:

Looks like a bad injury for the young BB draft pick Oliviera. I’m guessing maybe a broken ankle or leg.

Defenses are having fun out there tonight - tough break for the BB. BB D has managed to keep Harris and friends out of the end zone (TDs) limiting them to Whyte’s FGs Can they do it again? Looks like they did.

That’s because he’s injury prone. I don’t think we ever got a full season out of him. I don’t think the Esks ever have either.

Well that was one uncomfortable concert from the recklaws, not put up songs at all

Well part of that was Austin liking a pass-happy offense and then they also brought in Green who has now been surpassed by Erli! Ah the fleeting life of a RB (in some locales!) :smiley:

Osh wins his challenge - just saw the replay and he sure did have a good case.
And TD for the BB to extend their lead.

Woo hoo - I have a HUGE 1.8 points from Jackson so far. ::)Wasn’t expecting much but probably should have taken a BB receiver.

BB keeping some pressure on Harris.

Dunigan is drunk again.

Sounds like that most of the time - probably more the result of too many concussions.