GDT: Eskimos @ Blue Bombers June 27th!

So here it is, the first big showdown game in the young season!

Will the Eskimos’ fire wagon offence led by new QB Trevor Harris be able to make any headway against a much tougher defence than the Esks faced in the first two weeks of the season?

Will the Blue Bombers be able to put up enough points with their ball control offence to offset the Eskimos’ offensive firepower?

Well by late tomorrow evening all should be clear and only one team will be left standing as the best in the West!

Can’t wait! Expecting a great game!

Chris Mattews has been pencilled in as a starter. I’m wondering if he’ll help to provide the Blue Bombers with more of a deep game?

And will C.J. Gable and Andrew Harris be able to continue racking up the stats against much tougher opposition?

Stay tuned!

It should be a large scheduling advantage for Winny.

Off bye vs E with a short week and traveling.

Bye weeks do not always mean teams come in focused. Often quite the opposite. But the second half should belong to BB.

Indeed! The question though is whether the Bombers might have lost the edge they showed against the Lions in Week 1 during their two week layoff.


Should be the game of the week. Looking forward to it.

This should be a good measuring stick for both teams and an excellent game. GO BLUE !!!

Should be a great game.

Hopefully the bomber crowd shows up for the opener.

Weather is good so shouldn’t be a problem…Mathews is going to be a difference maker and both Harris’s are hot…Should be the game of the week

Expecting a good game (agree with posters above!). I found this one a bit hard to pick but gave the edge to the home team. Should be a close one though.

I have no horse in this race and only put Martese Jackson in my fantasy lineup this week - more because he fit in under my cap and seemed like the best option. Not expecting huge points from him.


more of dem young whippersnappers drinking that beer on the tv.

Aren’t they selling it cheap - or is that just the Hamilton game tomorrow?

not sure if it is just in Hamilton (I think it is).

my Bday game tomorrow.

most excited I’ve been for a game in quite some time :slight_smile:

lets see how good the esks D is

Well dumb penalties will help you shoot yourself in the foot - EE gets themselves off the field! :-[

Happy Birthday - enjoy the game! Should be another win - not necessarily a blowout but a solid W for our Ticats

DUMB move by Dean - should know better than to lead with his helmet - a fine should be coming his way within the week!

Due to the cheap tickets available, I found out 8 of my close friends all bought tickets and are coming to the game.

I get to enjoy the game with them all, only made possible by the GA and Concourse viewing areas.

But back to this game. More penalties by EE.

harris is spot on so far

he’s looking very good!