GDT: Eskimos @ Argonauts August 16th!

So will Trevor Harris open up an aerial show in Toronto tomorrow? Will C.J. Gable have another stellar outing? Or will the Esks’ defence do most of the heavy lifting again?

Will McLeod Bethel-Thompson look like a legitimate starting CFL QB once again this week? Can the Argonauts make it two in a row at home against the best of the West?

Stay tuned! Kickoff is tomorrow evening.

Edmonton generally, in the past does well in Toronto. We will see!

We are expecting our biggest crowd of many seasons at BMO.
Upward of 20k, now topping that off with a win is better than the free Exhibition entrance.

Who is “We??
Argo fans? Or the team?

And why should attendance be the biggest of many seasons?
There have been games during the CNE ever since the Argos moved to BMO Field and attendance has not been outstanding.

I hope you are right though.

They announced the attendance was nearly soldout on TSN last night during the halftime show.

And i see it on twitter that someone wasnt able to get tickets and a few other comments about it

At kick off, half of the west stands are empty.
That’s the side that is usually full, and not seen on TV FYI.

Sounds like a decent crowd but I really haven’t seen a shot of the stands yet. Many might be slow coming in from the Ex. TO working their way down the field in the face of the EE defense - although they may have them stopped - pending the result of the challenge.

Late arriving crowd. 20,000 tix sold. Don’t worry about it.

Chamblin using up his challenges really early! Both are for roughing the passer - successful on the first one but using the second challenge so soon again seems strange. Not successful and now he has nothing if he wants to challenge a key play later in the game! ::slight_smile: :-\

Chamblin is an idiot

Well I can’t say that I disagree! ;D

EE with the major score on their first drive. Ellingson with some key catches in that one.

I think people need to remember the Argos are to the CFL and their broadcasters as the Blue Jays are to Rogers, they may lose money but for their owners wrapped up in their broadcasters, both are needed, for Rogers they need the Blue Jays and the CFL and TSN simply need a team in Toronto regardless of attendance for either team so it might seem, both Blue Jays and Argos may lose money but Ted Rogers says it best back when:

Pro sports also appeared on Rogers’s radar, despite the fact that Rogers himself wasn’t a sports fan. He bought the Toronto Blue Jays in 2000 and later the SkyDome stadium where they played, renaming it the Rogers Centre. Again, it was despite the better judgment of some board members and close advisers. Though the team continued to be a massive money-loser—roughly $300 million in losses by 2008—he would later explain it was about more than the bottom line. “[b]Don’t get me wrong: $300 million is a lot of money,? Rogers stated. “But I take a broader view. We would have paid the same money just for the equivalent branding opportunity.[/b]? Ownership of the stadium also opened the door to a five-year, US$78-million deal in 2008 to bring the NFL Buffalo Bills to play eight games in Toronto.

Where is forum member Morris?

“Tre? Harris is not following his usual script of 3 yard dump passes.

Of course not - because that’s what the boatmen are expecting!
Do hope that was CJ taking that TD in - thought that’s what I heard.

EE scoring TDs :o Boatmen replying with FGs

It’s actually EE replying with TDs to Argos FGs.

Crapigna now 3 for 3. 14-9 Esks now.

Does the Argos D have a reply this time? We seem to actually have a ground game today.

The Argo-Nots settle for another FG.

Good game so far. No punts.

Okay so split hairs! ;D :wink:

Maas with the challenge out for DPI that probably shouldn’t have been missed.

Exactly, I hate long punt returns for td’s or long returns on punts, horrible entertainment. :-* :-* :-*