GDT: Eskimos @ Alouettes November 10th!

Well this is it! After a long, hard eighteen game grind, the Edmonton Eskimos will journey to Montréal to play the Alouettes for a quarter of the marbles.

With the return of Trevor Harris and C.J. Gable, the Eskimos look relatively healthy. DeVier Posey though is out for the Alouettes.

LeoVegas has installed the Alouettes as 1.5 point favourites. Do you agree?


This should be a great game!
Really looking forward to it
I chose MTL in a barn burner 31-28
A little rain and slush isn’t going to slow these Offences down!

Eskimos put the freeze on the Alouette air attack.

Trevor Harris puts up MOP type numbers but Vernon Adams will make the plays that matter.

Eskies can’t beat playoff teams this year and they won’t start now.

Montreal 38-14.

Harris isn’t a big game guy…Adams jr has no big game experience.
Who will step up?
Adams jr.
Als by 10.

Harris not a big game guy?? Did he not break a CFL playoff game record last year with 6 TD passes in 1 game…? And don’t bring up greycup , you were talking about him succeeding in a game.

Esks TD!!!

I hear the airhorn guy is back. >:(

yeah, i wish they would shove a cork up his horn

Nice of the CFL to finally get their board up and running, for the playoffs.


Well I haven’t made any predictions in this game. As I see it, it could go either way. Montreal has bee strong at home with their fans to cheer them on. They’ve made some surprising comebacks and Adams Jr. has engineered some unexpected comebacks. Can he do it during the playoffs though?
Edmonton has not been a good road team, most wins have come against sub-.500 teams and they can be exposed even with Harris at the controls. They’ve also been known to take bone-headed penalties that certainly don’t help their cause. Long flight to Montreal even if they did fly in on Friday.

I won’t be surprised either way but I give the larks a slight edge due to being at home. I think Hamilton can be successful against either team next week.

Early in the game, EE has the only points on the board but Adams is out there making big plays so I suspect they’ll soon catch up if they keep this drive alive.

I just came on a few minutes ago and it seemed a little bit slow - not as slow as other times but not as fast as it can be. Let's hope it picks up and doesn't totally slow down or crash (or whatever it does when it's not available).


Closer game than I thought so far

defence is letting the eskimos down

Montreal’s too.

But it was a fun half to watch. A turnover by either D could be a real game-changer in the 2nd half.

Maas is a whiner

He sure is.

Had to turn the sound down. Those jackasses with the horns…

Some great overhead shots of the stadium today. Makes the game-day presentation that much more professional.

Can we not do this more often during the regular season?