GDT: Eskimos @ Alouettes July 20th!

So have the Montréal Alouettes finally found a QB? Is Vernon Adams Jr. the answer to their quarterbacking woes? Will William Stanback keep putting up the numbers on the ground? And is Quan Bray the real deal in the slot?

Or will none of the aforementioned make any headway at all in the face of the Ekies’ fierce Defence? And will Trevor Harris continue to evade the sack?

Stay tuned! Kickoff is in but a day’s time.


Gonna be a scorcher in Montreal on Saturday… 30 to 35 degrees in the shade.

Well I guess the players will all beat a hasty retreat to the air-conditioned comforts of Chez Parée after the final whistle.


With the humidity, closer to 40.

And on the field turf warmer than that.

Think most players will like that.

Pound Stanback, Johnson and Stone in hurry up mode until the Eskies defence passes out.

It won’t be the Als.


Warmer weather, even hot weather is much easier to play in then cold weather.
Most will take supplements for leg cramps with plenty of fluid.
All should be good. Don’t think players will mined. Fans, sitting not moving may
find it difficult.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Dehydration and heat affect people in very different ways.

That’s what I was thinking.

While I would probably prefer the hot weather to the cold personally, extremes in either direction can’t be good.

Advantage Alouettes. Eskimos didn’t evolve to survive let alone prosper in hot climes.


Go Als, they are on a roll.
Pounding Stanback, with Adams rolling out of the pocket and either using his wheels or throwing bullets downfield.
Muamba is the leader on D.
So I sense all three phases coming together and feeding off one another.

Kidding aside, the Als have been used to playing and practicing in all the heat and humidity. From what I understand, it’s been a cool, damp summer thus far in Edmonton.

Predicting Edmonton, but cheering for Montreal.

Let’s get the action going. It’s gotta be a better game than last night’s affair.

So . . . Vernon Adams Jr = “Vaj” is now a thing, eh? :o

(and I’ve seen affairs turn out to be less messy than that one!)


It’s been a long time since an Eskimo/Alouette game was this intriguing…

Ain’t that the truth! For so long Larks were the “free space on the bingo card” - at least until a couple of weeks ago, but have been playing much better this season - aside from the game in Hamilton.

So far the defences rule - three two and outs but we’ll see what the EE can do with the favourable FP Jackson just gave them

Yikes, it’s starting off pretty sloppy. :-\

Harris has only been sacked once so far?

That’s a pretty solid O-line!