GDT: Eskies @ Leos

It just wouldn’t be an Eskimo game without a patented Jason Mass stupid challenge

BC literally “running away” with this one. Put Sutton in my lineup this week and he seems to be having a decent game.

Orange cats playing better that their feline cousins did earlier anyway.


Didn't think he had a case. Looked like more of a "fishing trip" to me.

With seven and some change minutes to go Lions operating on almost all thrusters Mr. Scott.

………….and one bad throw gets the esks back in it.

Sounds like it was more on Collins not running the route and being where he was supposed to be, than on Lulay making a bad decision - BUT it can be a momentum changer if they can’t keep their offense rolling. Still a 10 point game in BC’s favour.

Collins making up for his earlier “faux pas” reeling in that long 2nd down conversion! Leos just need to chew up the clock some more - or add more points.

Not even “MOP” Reilly can come up with 10+ points in less than 15 seconds! Looks like a BC win. EE’s goose appears to be cooked.

Nice to see BC had a “pocket full of Posey” tonight.

Painful game to watch. It was a trainwreck for the Eskimos. And a deja vous from last season. 1st and 10 on the BC 31 with 206 to go and Maas elects for a field goal. WTH???

I don’t like to speculate on a guy’s livelihood but it makes you wonder how Sunderland and Rhodes view Maas’s coaching this year. A lot was expected in a Grey Cup hosting year. They have had many significant injuries to contend with, but bottom line, the club should be better than what their record shows.

I fell asleep…

But it seems Maas kicked a FG from the 33 on 1st down with 2 mins left to make it a 7 pt game then kicked it deep?

Already mentioned two posts above yours.

He should be fired at the end of the season

Just watched the game PVRed it. Posey looks like a great addition along with Sutton, the Lions are hitting their stride now. The Eskies, well not hitting their stride.

Was asking about the "kick it deep" part because 2 posts above mine didn't clarify what he did with the kickoff.

You could have just answered my question.

Posey and Sutton look right at home. Great game for Lulay too, overall…

Lulay healthy enough with those receivers and Sutton and Rainey, that’s one dangerous squad.

I would hazard to guess a whole bunch of cheap 2018 Grey Cup tickets just became available on the
re-sell after market. 8)