GDT: Eskies @ Leos

It will be a huge game with playoff implications!

Game three of the regular season between these two traditional West Division powers.

In the first two games each team held serve at home. Can the Eskimos buck the trend? Or are they sledding into a Lions den?

Right now the two teams are tied for dead last in the West division at 16 pts each. One team gets to leave the other in the dust.

Thanks for posting Vermonter. :wink:

BC is playing well with Lulay starting at home where BC has a winning record

Edm not playing so well, and their defence is suspect at best.

Huge game, I wonder if anyone in Vancouver will care

My spreadsheet picks the Esks 29-25.
Personally, I don’t know. This could be the second-most interesting game of the week, what with the direct playoff implications. B.C. wins, and they’re in, right?

I believe so, If BC wins they are guaranteed a crossover
and EDM is out of the playoffs for hosting their home Grey Cup

Yes, there is a pretty good buzz in the media for this game. Football fans realize the implicatations, so there should be a decent crowd on hand. Like I wrote in another thread, it will be over 20K but well short of the 27K capacity (in the 21,500 - 22K range would be my guess). There are lots of reasons for that, namely pricing between the 20 yard lines and changing peoples’ habits takes time.

One of the scribes was on local sports talk radio yesterday and noted that the Leos get around 110K local TV viewers for their games so there is interest. It has become too habit forming though for people to get off their couch and battle traffic. Should be a hell of a ball game!

If Edmonton loses this one they would have to win out and have Winnipeg lose out and they would be in.

Gonna be a lot of yelling and pacing being done by your truly here tonight. Things are gonna get rough >:( ;D

55 yrd TD wiped out on leos first drive. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Looks like a better crowd tonight in the Couv, what maybe 20,000-22,000?

Eskies get three on an uncaught ball.


Lions beating themselves tonight.

Rainey with a full TD return. Not bad!

Echo… echo…

Tap tap tap, is this thing on? Anybody?

2 crazy games, tonight.

Sutton is amazing

Odell willis playing great as well

Crazy games, tonight.

It is this narrators opinion; This ones proving not to disappoint.

Lulay throwing like it’s 2011 :slight_smile: Let’s see what the 4th Q brings…

I don’t think that is pass interference. I guess we will see what the command centre says.