GDT: Eastern Final

Well 1 hour pre-game show and they spent the first 35 minutes talking about the Western Final, go figure. They have a 30 minute pre-game show after the Eastern Game. Will be interesting to see how much time they spend out East. And they stick us with Penton and Naylor :? While the real crew is out in Calgary.

Well, SJ said Stewart couldn't cover him one on one . . . so far he has backed up what he said.

Andre Proulx is a piece of cow turd. Next time Hebert should make sure he stays down. Cant tackle the qb anymore. Real joke.

If the douche ref throws the flag like he should, Carter isnt pissed off leaving the field.

2-0, SJ Green v. Brandon Stewart :slight_smile:

Banks returns a kick for a TD. Gilyard gets 10 yards. Same old, same old. :thdn:

Dinwiddie and Higgins are idiot. Montreal has the lead with a minute to go against the wind and instead of running the ball they try to cross the field and then they punt it right into Banks hands, instead of punting it out of bounds... Drives me nuts.

They started so well and then mistakes after mistakes and they are down a score and lose the momentum and the half. :thdn:

Looks like he'll have to win the game by himself because Carter is a moron.

What a joke same old, the boys are playing there ass's off and of course special teams cant do there effing job.

Our defenders are letting the TiCats run around them- too many missed tackles.

Tell me how Higgins is still coaching?
St unit once again just plain Awful!

Keep up the trash talking Al's.,
Cats doing the talking on the field right now.

Not running the ball. Keep focusing on Green.
Looks like Higgins and Dinwiddie have not learned from their last game against the Cats

One of these, is not like the other

Als' offense should always go for the long ball on second down. If Crompton gets intercepted, it's like a punt except we have a better chance to cover and prevent a TD than if ST is on the field.

Dream Weaver....

23 yards running in the first half.


Maybe Popp will take Special Teams seriously after this one. Thank god family is over cuz i feel like smashing things at the moment.

Wonder why Thorpe isn't dialing up many blitz packages. . .