GDT: Disturbed Als @ Hamilton Hobos

Live from the Tim Horton donut box in Hamilton.

Collaros vs. a super-disturbed/sensitive Rocky Cato should be a mis-match.

Of course that's what we all thought last week when Collaros was humiliated by an Argo spare.

If nothing else, this one should be semi-intense. Hope we can duck Rod Black for another Friday nite!

WOW - TSN swerves us.....

CC Cuthbert & Matt Dunigan on the stick!

Guess that means Suitor and Black might have to smell each other's b.o. (not to mention b.s.) tomorrow??? lol :cowboy:

What happened to Peter Diekowski - (Canada's smartest offensive guard)

Benched or injured? :cowboy:

What a great honour to see James "Wild" West brought in to be inducted into CFL hall of fame. What memories flow!

Back to ball.

Brett Maher trying to tackle Duron Carter - looked like a rabbit trying to bring down a wolf.

Jeff Reinbold, now being dragged thru the mud for Hammy's tepid special teams play of recent! Looks good on that pain in the a**

At 29:10 into the game, we had the first penalty. That is amazingly beautiful. Why can't all games be that well-coordinated?

low scoring but I like this game

Injured last week - didn't play the 2nd half

Interesting how a thread that begins with nothing but insults and vitriol hardly attracts any responses.

Maybe that shtick is getting a little old?

It was old from the start. Giving everything a silly name puts someone below a 5 year old mentality IMO.

Yup, the games are better when the players are focused, and the refs let them play. :thup:

I keep wondering if Lyle and Area 51 are the same person.

Neither of them have any contribution other than childish name calling and insults.

Has Area-51 been banned? It seems he has not commented much these past few days.

Because it would be too much like an NFL game, we are league that wants to get everything right and the refs want to call everything and they give the coaches a chance to question and challenge everything.

Watching the CFL games so far this weekend you can see how much better the west teams are.
The Als didn't look too bad against the Ticats, I can see the worst team in the West the Riders, beating Hamilton next week. The Argos and Ottawa easily beaten by two superior west teams.