GDT: Calgary @ Winnipeg

Might be steaming hot at gametime (28 C)
Some notes from Winnipeg Sun who have 2 guys on the bomber beat; used to be 3 but Kirk Penton got fired!
Not too many changes for the unbeaten bombers - Kevin Fogg (KR/DB) out
[i][b]Early Thursday, the Bombers, via Twitter, said Wednesday set an Investors Group Field single-day record with nearly 1,000 tickets sold.

However, they wouldn't provide a total ticket count for Friday's game.

In four seasons at IGF, attendance has declined every year, to a low of 25,936, on average, last season
Much as I abhor covert secrecy about ticket sales - I understand why Miller is doing it. He's in tough spot - the bombers have way too much inventory (33,000+) for their market size - so revealing #'s will usually have zero or negative effect. (ie. saying we're up to 24,000 still means NO URGENCY with approx. 10,000 seats still left in stock!

.......I think the remedy for a big attendance increase is to start winning home games like we have tonight....Show the fans we have a solid contender and'll see marked interest and numbers at the gate start to grow :wink:

Bombers have a weakness in their secondary with the two rookies and look to get back a very good receiver in Daniels, seemingly a perfect set up for BLM.

Calgary starts an LT who couldn't make it as a backup here 3-4 years ago when our Oline was pretty bad, and a DL who was a part time back up here for a short stint a few years ago, no Charleston Hughes, and their kicker is struggling.

Could be a wild one.

Biggest advantages Calgary has are a superior GM in Huff (best in CFL) & a vastly superior hc in Dave Dick - just look at the two coaches winning percentages!

However, the depth batteries in cowtown are draining down to near emergency levels. Only advantage - backups in Cal seem to know the system coming out of the chute. Huff recruits starters to be backups - most other teams happy with hobos.

Only warning shot - lets hope the bombers don't lay an egg and get themselves thrashed by the Stamp backups - - - - that would send a rotten signal to fans - and any attendance advances they gain tonite (26.5 to 28k is speculation) will be short term - - - - and fans will stay away in droves. (aka the walk-ups will be weak)

They are over 30,000 now.Its the biggest non-Rider game in a long time.Wade has made some changes to where the buses arrive and leave to help smooth things out traffic wise as well as some extra changes inside.I gotta give him credit for working hard to fix some of the issues at IGF.A pretty approachable guy as well from my experience. He always seems to be hanging around pregame meeting fans and chatting with them if they wish.This should be a good game.For sure it's a measuring stick for the Blue. It would be a huge game to win against a team that has been laying whoopings on us for to long on our home turf. Especially infront of a large crowd.We do this,then we might start pushing that 33,000

Always an upbeat look eh?Looks like your 26.5 speculation is out by 4000 or so.Heck that's almost an Argo crowd.

Back to back turnovers as bombers routinely trying to lay big-bang egg fart in front of 30,000 screamin' hungry hometown lemmings . . .

1 Matt Nicky picky
1 3rd & 36 inches, getting only 30 inches

Nichols aim appears to be way off, too!

But at least they're only down 3-0 as Stamp back-ups & remaining starters still look like a junior NFL squad.

O'Shea still looks like a rookie head coach, wielding his amazing .420 winning percentage!!!

Add another gem of a Burger King apple pie turnover as bomber kr Lankford fumbles it up on a decent return

Make it 3. :cowboy:

On Bomber missed 3rd & 1 epic fail - 3rd year star non-import centre Goose Goosen, took an early nose-dive to the turf nd f'd up his assignment. Nice goin' Goose - - - :cowboy:

Roc Carmichael - can't account for full yard on 3rd & 1 stop by bomber d-line

Good to know ya Roc - buh' bye son!


If Lankford is terrified of contact on bomber returns - O'Shea will fess up 'n go with Westy Dressler on returns! Yikes!

Every reply in a game that is really close is just whinning and complaining. It's a great game against the number 1 ranked team in the league.Are we Down? No ! You have been banned from every Bomber site for this crap yet you persist.Do you not realize this is not normal? No one will post anymore because of this crap. MODS? :thdn:

The Egg Man Matt Nichols barfs up a kwik pik 6 in his own end.

Wad Miller must be pulling the last strands of his hair - does everything he can to cobble together a near 30,000 crowd - and Nichols takes a dump!

Stamps duct-tape D just too much for bomber offense to handle.

Plop having an off-nite as OC . . . . some really dumb plays!

Key now is whether Calgary has enough depth to hang on to their 3rd quarter lead - and stamina

cuz the one positive thing about the bombers is they don't have any quit in them!

What the F does any of this Mean? What the heck is a egg Man?

Nasty Nate ,you have been banned from every Bomber site.I will now challenge every BS Statement you make.

.....No quit.....just not good enough playing a team that's obvious leagues above us..and very obviously better coached....Even on one leg stumps look better...Sad testament to years of frustration with that poor showing.......What else can you say :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I think the post-game radio shows will attribute this dud to Nichols having an off nite.

If laying a giant egg-turd at mid-field can be called an off-nite!!! :cowboy:

They all stunk in the second half not just Nichols.