GDT: Bombers @ Ticats

Hold onto your hats, it's a game between a pair of .500 CFL clubs.

Of course Winnipeg does have an undefeated record against the East...

Sunny and hot in Hamilton. No crazy wind in the forecast.

Maybe just me but Mercer Timmis reminds me of Jesse Lumsden who always seemed to have his best games against the Bombers.

Should be a good one.

Sorry, duplicated the gameday thread. Let this one serve as the official GDT. Here's my comments -

Tonite from the Donut Box in Hamilton. Temps expected to be in the high 80s, low 90s at game-time, hi humidity to boot.

Weather will factor into this match, no doubt!

Mostly in the trenches. Whoever is fitter, might be 2 points the richer!

Expect Streveler to continue his level of rookie excellence but Hamilton has better defensive schemes than Streve's last 2 opponents. Could cough up a couple picks or take the odd sack - he won't be allowed to roam for 100 yds rush to be sure!

5'9 1/2" Masoli continues to impress. He's quick and tough - almost as good an arm as Streveler, too! Bomber d-linemen will have limited success with Masoli in 1st half on chasedowns - but they'll be fully gassed due to weather by sometime in 3rd quarter and Masoli will have big options (more passing time in pocket) and far better gaps to dart thru for running yds to extend drives.

Expect Paul Plop LaPolice's offense to be too cute by half. He'll try his usual array of trickster plays but with less success.

Winnipeg's personnel a bit higher graded than Hamilton all around but home field advantage and sweltering early evening heat probably means a 3 to 8 pt win for the home side - unless Plop & O'Shea can somehow mount a 3 score lead by half-time!

…...Ham. is playing very well...Masoli has the edge in experience but Cats better not underestimate this kid we found...Hometown fans should give Hamilton the edge but that heat....hmmmm...going to catch up with a few players...Bomber D is very good.....will it be enough to stop Masoli and his high powered offence...???We're about to find out

Masoli has the better arm by far.

Or for those who have lived in Canada for the last 40+ years - temperature at game time expected to be about 30C with a 'real feel' in the 35C range.

Thank goodness this is a Friday evening game and not one of our 4:00PM Saturday games that we have a couple of later this summer. The real feel at 4:00PM tomorrow is expected to be 44C. Yikes!

Tiger-Cat Coach June Jones doesn't have Mercer Timmins pencilled in to start though! He's just a backup to Nikita Whitlock on the depth chart.


I believe that the same as last week.

Actually Mercer today so far is the best running back in league.
This guy can run, block and excellent receiver. Top notch player. Wish he was on my team.

Ti Cats are 4.5 pt favorites according to Oddsshark.

Love humidity .

Love that warm humidity at night .

Great weather for a Holiday weekend .

Never like the real feel thing of 44c or 111 F it just sounds like fake weather news .

Like they say on Dragnet just the facts ma' am .

An obviously infuriated Rod Black off to an usual slow start tonite. Unable to follow the play, use his color man properly and the usual poop.

I would personally take the live mic off Black and pin it on another player instead.

Rotten Rod & Forde sound about as interested doing tonite's game as Doug Ford attending a Bernie Sanders rally!

I wonder if they were to take a back seat to the open mic night .

Could be - it must be uncomfortable for Black NOT to talk!

O'Shea & Junebug Jones - hardly a peep; seems both too paranoid to talk?

I have an answer to that here.

An example of the ratio loophole I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Banks drops another .

Glad I am not hearing the ball is too hot tonight as an excuse .