GDT: Bombers @ Stamps

Well Bo Levi Mitchell will dominate that division for at least ten years, so your onto something.

29 and counting as this team will not get it done. The boo birds will be very loud in the banjo bowl. Nichols better get some good ear plugs.

Feel sorry for guys like Walby who have to watch and stomach what has become of what was once a great team when they played

what the heck was Randle trying top do on that last Jordan TD??

it sure wasn’t any kind of attempt to tackle.

The bombers will be OK. Solid attendance and lemming-like fans who enjoy getting a rub from other professional teams that visit Winnipeg and yapping it up about the old times.

So long as they can put 24,500 to 27,500 butts in the thing they’ll stay on the make.

But its totally predictable when you combine a green as grass GM, a floundering scouting organization, a poor draft table, a cuss stubborn head coach with dress code challenges and a CEO who’s drawing the highest salary of all the barn animals and hasn’t shown any inclination whatsoever to changing things up.

A few fans (maybe a hundred) will dominate the local radio lines and call for the noose for O’Shea, Walters, Miller, Hall, Plop, Nichols, Randle, Legget, Taylor Swift, etc. but the sad fact is the bombers are really an illusion. Just not enough talent at any particular level. Even their vaunted o-line kinda caved this afternoon. . .

Same with Taylor "Not Very Swift" Loffler. That guy appears to shun actual tackling - he's pretty fragile - prolly doesn't want to draw an injury reserve cheque!

This was a total team loss - only guys who earned their keep

Justin Medlock (a kicker)
Wally Tarski (a canuck WR)
Goose Goosen (who made a tackle on a Nichols pick)

So apparently Matt Nichols threw his receivers under the bus after the game during an interview, Saying he couldn’t find anybody open the whole game.

Yah, I saw the TSN panel discussing that.
It's all in the interpretation IMO.
Stegall thought Nichols threw his receivers under the bus.
The comment could also have meant that the Calgary secondary had excellent coverage throughout the game.

That's just a nicer way of saying they couldn't get open.

Not surprising either when you consider that Bowman was a bust and Dressler is out, not much left after that for poor Nichols to throw to.

I don’t mean to belabour the subject but far too much is being said about Nichols and not enough about the real problem- our lousy secondary.

Maybe not the best way to ingrain yourself with your teammates but better receivers do make a better quarterback .

I saw Burris go from 2014 looking like a joke to the best in the league next year with addition of 4 or 5 new receivers who run proper routes and can catch .

Lots of Bomber fans dumping on Nichols & company even though they are tied for 4th in points in the CFL. Could be a lot worse.

Most of those points scored on the CFL’s hobo-teams (first half eastern fawns) plus some of them points scored in garbage times vs. teams good & bad. 4th (really 5th if you suck away garbage time pts) is really not that good - combined with the league’s 3rd worst defense.

Well, you do know there are many fans that think Bo is mediocre at best playing on a good team but;D the guy wins 99 percent of the time.

Anyone that says that does not understand. Stamps are not about big offensive numbers
Although he has thrown 7 TD passes in last 2 games

Bo was throwing against a defense comprised of guys either playing back 30 yards or hobos so devoid of speed they’d lose a footrace to Ozzy Osbourne

Bombers record is better than it should be. Bombers are a very bad team. They have a good running back a good o line a good line backer or two and that is about it. Their QB is medeocer at best. Their receivers are medeocer to below average. Their defensive backs couldn’t cover a 1 legged midget. Their coaches are below average and make bad decisions. All should go other than a few players and lapo.