GDT: Bombers @ Stamps

Interesting game so far! 'Peg defense is making life difficult for Bo and one has to wonder if the absence of Claybrooks is making the horses D a little less fierce. Not that they’re playing that badly but the 'Peggers did get that first TD without too much difficulty. Having Streveler in the mix is probably helping to keep the horses D a little off balance.

Bombers maintaining a 3 pt. lead a few minutes into the 3rd quarter - but being somewhat fatalistic - you gotta know its only a matter of time before the flu-ridden horses start putting up numbers on the declining bombers.

Appears O’Shea didn’t have usual pre-game meal of smelling salts - he’s pretty subdued tonite!

Matt Nichols is having another sub-mediocre outing.

But there won’t be a QB controversy in Wpg cuz they’ll spend all week talking about ‘NO QB CONTROVERSY’ - should bombers lose!

There’s a QB controversy in the 'Peg? - no real reason for it. Good as Streveler is, he’s still pretty untested - especially for a full season. He’s good for a change of pace though.

Black just stroked out with a 2 minute rant about Eastern Washington Univ. re: CFL quarterbacks - while play was going on . . . . . must have written it into his game notes!

Thought the bomber lead might last into the 4th quarter but the stamps easily erase the measly 3 pt. lead - as Marken Michel destroys bomber all-star Chris Randle on a deep post. Bomber returns are notoriously feeble today - poor blocking, can’t even return a kickoff 5 to 7 yds.

If Nichols goes 2 and out in next two series - he’ll get more opportunities to go 2 and out in several more!

ST teams returns sound like the Ticats! Chris Williams was actually doing a decent job until he went down with injury the other night. Hopefully our other Williams who’s the usual returner is back for Labour Day.

BLM did finally make it down the field to over come the deficit. And they’re at it again. Going to shut out the BB’s this half?

'Pegger D doing all they can to keep Arbuckle stopped in that short yardage play but he gets the job done on 3rd and inches

Suddenly horses receivers seems to be WIDE open on most plays. What happened to the BB coverage?

Unfortunately they seem to have reverted to their classic “Default All Areas” pass D. Too much open space - guys playing back too many yards in order to avoid NOT GETTING BURNED LONG.

Meanwhile - Nichols looks like a wide-eyed rook out there. Bob Irving (and his serving of postgame Irving will try to defend Nichols from any QB controversy - but talking about NO CONTROVERSY is QB CONTROVERSY!


Foiled again on that attempt. 2nd and 8 became 3rd and a whole lot! Good FP for Bo and friends too. Managed to limit them to a FG on the last attempt but remains to be seen if they can get them off the field quickly.

Got them limited to a FG again but the 3s are adding up and time is running out!

Jorden going to be rewarding fantasy players who have him with plenty of points! Unfortunately I’m not one of them!

Surprise, Surprise - BB D gets a stop on short yardage and creates a turnover on downs! Can Matt and friends do anything with it? That’s the BIG question.

Chris Randle serves as designated target (amongst others) as The Horsies score in Garbage time to put away the big blue.


  1. No Quarterback controversy - hey, we’re .500 right? Says O’Shea. Yeah, right! That will be the driving force of winnipeg sports media all week - NQC - that and will Josh Morrissey pony up with the Jets?

  2. No Secondary controversy - Our guys were ravaged - and ravaged badly. Even Rod Black noticed - and he’s half-gone!

Watch O’Shea put Streveler in now and risk injury. Thats all I need. This toilet ain’t worth defecating on!!

I missed most of the game - at Church.

I thought Winnipeg had a chance but no… Calgary is simply too good.

That HUGE play by Bo an Jorden just sealed the deal - and the pick 5 is the icing on the cake!

They were in it until the fourth. They DEFINITELY should have taken down the OTTRBs last week!

Bombers could not beat their sister never mind a real football team. Stamps looked medeocer again for the 1st half at least
Still likely had about 500yards passing against this crap bomber defense. Nichols is crap not worth 100,000 never mind 500,000. No way he should have been paid that as no other team would have. Blow this team up from top to bottom . Find Mike Riley to coach and cal Murphy to general manage and start from there. Everyone else except a few players get pink slips. Bring in the dam bisons to play I would much rather pay to see them play the stamps

We got the full Mike O’Shea 3S treatment today - Stupid, Stubborn, Sniffed-Out

Not fun to watch that sewage team that passes as a CFL member!

Should offer Chung, Adams and two first round pick and you might be able to get Manziel ;D

Nope rather see them start the Bisons QB. Blow it up and start the rebuild now. Maybe they can build a cup contender before the streak hits 40 years. Any one out there want to bet against me that they do not win a cup in 40 years??? I doubt it