GDT: Bombers @ Stamps

Can the Stamps bounce back after their humbling loss? Or will the Bombers pile on, and kick them while they are down? Only four points divide these two teams in the standings.

This is the first of two meetings this season, and the other one is at the end of October.

There is such a wide disparity in talent when you make several comparisons between the Stumps & The Bickersons (Bombers)

CEO/GM Hufnagel - vs. management pygmies Miller & Walters

Head coach Dave Dick vs. Mike O’Shea

Cal talent acquisition and development system vs. Bombers (although bomber system has been gradually getting better, still not at Calgary level)

QB - Bo-Levi Mitchell vs. Rabbit-Ears Nichols - no comparison when it comes to winning percentage or playoff games played/won.

Defense - disparity at coordinator aside, Calgary’s def. philosophy combines greed with efficiency. Stamps far more efficient, better sack numbers, far less points given up, tighter coverages in secondary, able to diagnose what other teams do and react to it before too late.

Receivers - some will argue Manitoba receivers are better - but they won’t put their names to the document. Calgary far better, based on their development system, even facing injuries.

Winnipeg has a distinct advantage at running back with the tough-slugging & versatile Harris but that just gives Calgary a chance to focus on shutting down Harris.

Winnipeg’s o-line is slightly superior to Calgary but perhaps less well-coached. Missing Hardrick will put more pressure on the bombers and M. Nichols

Winnipeg’s d-line has nice personnel this season - again coaching makes them equal or slightly worse than the Stamps well-coached d-line

Linebackers - Bighill the import slightly better than the great canuck the stamps deploy at MLB; the gap is not that much as the Stamps guy has slightly better range than Biggy, not to mention greater height for deflections and knock-downs. Rest of the linebackers are a toss-up.

Defensive backs - athletically not much to choose; however, results wise the bomber DBs leave wide open chunks of terrain exposed. Cal guys don’t. Nuff said.

Kickers - Medlock starting to decline slightly, Parades still at height of his powers. Pretty equal here.

Returners - Advantage Stamps
Special Teams pursuit - slight advantage bombers although they can break down at the strangest times.

Based on all above factors this game shouldn’t be close.

55 minute score - should be 42-16 Stampeders but Stamps are in a mid-season funk (taking time off, afraid of more injuries, etc.) so the 55 score will be around 34-23 Stamps, leaving bombers a slight chance down the stretch.

Good analysis but you give far too much credit to Winnipeg…The Stamps are mad they lost the last game and are ready to take it out on anyone. The Bombers meanwhile…are still looking at game film.

The only way this is close, let alone a Bomber win, is if there is divine intervention. A total breakdown by the Stamps and we might have a chance.

An angry Calgary team is a focused Calgary team.
Winnipeg has little chance.
Calgary 32
Winnipeg 12

Whats the betting line?

I suspect its 8.5 or 9.5 in favor of stampeders!

The 55 min. score could reflect double to triple that difference - but since the Stamps have a nasty tendency to relax or shut down the engines when leading by a big number - the bombers should be able to cash in during garbage time - - - and close the # to somewhere just north of the betting line spread.

Winnipeg 19
Calgary 39

Might be a little closer than most think. I still see a Stamps victory but maybe by 10 points or so. Bombers have to make a statement if they want to even begin to get the fans off their backs. Especially their QB.

……Bombers will definitely play better than their last outing …they have to or Cal. will run away with it…IF it’s close…edge goes to Boweevil and his gang…Coaching might just cost the Bombers in the end…Should be a good game though

Some pre-game revelations from the radio shows:

  1. Weston Dressler didn’t travel with the team to Calgary - out

  2. Pooper Johnson is a game scratch - Braydon Bryan his unknown replacement (why is O’Loyal scratching his best DL, perhaps he got injured when O’Shea was trying to force ice-cream down his gut.

  3. Devon Claybrooks - the stamps solid def. coordinator has been undergoing medical tests all weeks for an unknown ailment (they won’t disclose) and he’s iffy to be on the stamps sidelines this weekend. Dickenson will have him miked up from his hospital room to get input if thats possible (or legal under CFL rules)

  4. Micah Johnson - the 6’2", 285 lb. Calgary monster d-lineman said in an interview “I respects the great bomber team BUT WE AIN’T ABOUT LOSING 2 GAMES IN A ROW”’

Great start for the Bombers!

Another pre-game revelation is the Stamps had a bad flu bug going thru them this week - that caused one practice to be scrubbed and at least one starter to be scratched (dehydration)

So thats either a trick the O’Shea story or for real. You decide!

And of course none of the stuff I talked about gets spoken about by Rotten Roddy - who’s got the template on having the player’s home school in front of him besides the numbers he usually loses anyways!

Stamps deserve better attendance wise. Such a shame.

Excellent Bombers defence on the first two series.

So far it’s a defensive struggle; so I am enjoying this

That hung up there for a while.

Could this be the end of the Stamps (only half joking)?

Both teams’ run defences are superb today

Almost stunned it took the stamps the better part of 2 quarters to ring up their first TD - an easy pass that took advantage of Ian Wild’s sluggishness in coverage.

Now its 12-9 bombers - and the bombers are starting to go into “Sleep Mode”

2nd half for all the marbles!

Bombers vaunted o-line unable to push back the calgary D - Harris & Demski being stifled for the most part!

Nearly at the half and Rod/Duane haven’t mentioned Darwin Adams injury w/ Wally Tarsky taking over. Not mentioning Hardrick out either. Good job with the details guys. Tell me where the next guy played his college ball, thats the way!

Black just called Andrew Harris. Mr. 2-Way

Didn’t know Harris was playing defense!>