GDT: Bombers @ Stamps

Thought I'd start a thread for this game seeing that there isn't one. Come on people, game of the week!

Stamps dominating but the Blue Bombers just got on the board. 24-7 with 2 left in the first half.

Cheering for the Stamps, but I was hoping for a closer score in this one. Maybe the Bombers can get something going in the 2nd half.

Bombers got boned in that half.... plain and simple

.........That first half was horse-dung bad by the Bombers....I hope they can redeem themselves a little in the second half...cuz this is an embarrassment so far....O'Shea better have some choice words for his charges during half-time...and shake things up... :roll:

Calgary's stellar defense will be bending in the 2nd half so I expect Winnipeg to get some points on the board but they'll need plenty of good things to happen to get back in it and Nichols needs to be a lot better.

Calgary should be in a different league.

The only team I really see knocking off Calgary (unless the Blue Bombers pull of a comeback in the second) is Edmonton. If Eskimos get hot then I think they have the best chance but still..

27-7 3rd quarter underway. Blue Bombers about to receive.

So much for "Nichols doesn't turn the ball over " (throw picks) as he was just picked off! :o :o

And Paredes puts another 3 on the board as a result.

Rene Paredes with a field goal. Guess his quad is okay.

30-7 Stamps

Prolly true - Mitchell looks like a man playing against a child (Nichols) today. Edmonton will prolly get to the GC sheerly on the basis of slithering thru a weak east division - unless the bombers totally break down and can't win a couple more games to secure 3rd in west.

Today's bomber game prep sponsored by Yeah, its that bad! :cowboy:

Pun intended?? :wink:

Nahh, prolly told them he's almost as proud of his men as he is his bi-weekly paycheque.

Only threats O'Shea utters is that the men will only be allowed 3 latte breaks per 90 minute practice vs. the standard 4.
Also, the pedicures during practice have been temporarily suspended!

Nichols to Dressler for the TD

30-13 Stamps


Dickenson challenges illegal interference. Wins.

30-7 still. 2nd and goal from the 10 for the Bombers

Nichols to Denmark for a touchdown!

Single point good.

Stamps 30-14

OOPS !!! TD negated by a penalty (challenged by Dickenson ) - at least temporarily… They just scored to get it back.

Dave Dick shut down the engines in the 2nd half - but as the bombers draw closer he'll have to re-start them again!

Quite the catch by McDaniel (or is it?) Osh challenging and is successful!

Dickenson has his own challenge flag to toss and does looking for DPI! This one looks like a fishing expedition but it isn’t :o :o :o

How can bombers be called for illegal contact - a Richie Hall defense usually has the d-backs hiding in terror from all receivers!

This is ridiculous! These challenges are ruining the game.Both Ways!

Bombers really missing a tall burner like Darwin Adams, Andy Harris and stalwart defender (and future bomber head coach) Ian Wild..... even with those fellas the bombers would be hard-pressed to be competitive with Calgary!