GDT: Bombers @ Riders

Pretty much as I predicted bombers getting skewered by the men in green. No need to put on much of a gameday thread as this slaughter-in-progress won't amount to much of a game.

Bombers look confused and in reality, TERRIFIED!

Classic example of a team thinking their puffed up 7-2 record thinking they're better by default vs. a 4-4 team. Keep in mind a lot of bomber wins were classic flukes or when other teams self-destructed.

Colonel Jones has his troops totally prepped and ready for mayhew vs. a timid and terrified bomber side.

A bomber loss pretty much certifies them bailing on the race for 1st in west. Really, they're nowhere near Calgary in terms of talent, preparation and coaching.

Riders go to 5-4 and if they continue to lambaste the big blues they should be 6-4 after next weekend. Bombers will slump to 7-4 and try to figure out where to go next. All western teams will thus be in a pig scramble for 2nd thru 4th.

Right now - if Glenn continues his torrid passing I'd rate Sask'n as the 2nd best team in the west, in the league for that matter. The match I most look forward to is the riders taking on #1 Calgary.

Bombers in a heap of trouble. Quite frankly I'm surprised Winnipeg has been able to scorch the riders for 13 pts (on pace for 26 to 29 in full game.

Riders meanwhile look like they're playing Manitoba Bisons woeful secondary comprised mostly of 5'5" engineering students & 6'1", 135 lbs. basket weaving majors.

Riders on pace for 62 pts (they won't get there) but will end up in the lowto mid 50s.

Bombers are feeble defensively vs. a 38 yr old 5'8" classic dropback passing QB (Glenn)

They really should be going after Adam Bighill (cut by New Orleans) to shore the gap. Not saying Bighill would make an instant difference in Richie Hall's all-hobo defense but he's got to be better than the very weak and slow Sam Hurl.

Bombers also got little to no rush in 1st half vs. Glenn who's being protected by a somewhat hoboesque o-line.

Chris Jones sure has done a nice job scouting out bomber tendencies and making the big blue pay! SO FAR

"puffed up".....

"basket weaving majors".......



All the so-called mouth-breathers who crawled out from under their rocks when the bombers were able to conjure up 4 or 5 of their 7 wins have obviously decided to keep shelter under their rocks rather than fess up and admit I was right!

Sask was the better team.
I'm wondering how proud, professional football players feel about being told to act like sleezy euro soccer players and take a dive?
Yes, Sask was the better team but their coach has no shame and no boundaries.
Cramping up and diving whenever the other team goes hurry-up? So sad.

.......Now c'mon's tough to win on Labour Day Sun. in Greenland.... You know the riders have to start resembling a team after they spent huge money on the new digs...I thought it would take awhile but apparently they get the nod (wink wink) and the CFL doesn't want to see empty seats on their flagship...Bombers were a charitable bunch and didn't show up....Should have mailed the 2 pts. and saved the trouble...Maybe we'll return the favour this weekend ORRRRRR Hall's D will get eaten alive again by a qb. (who we had recently on our roster ) AND make him look like he is a super star surpassing Reilly and Bo Levi ....Play like in this last one will see us depart with a whimper in 17 if the D has Hall's fingerprints all over it for much longer....We called it in the offseason that Ritchie had to go BUT the brain trust,which went brain dead, seen it differently...We both can say a big told ya so....AND there's no rock over this fan's head... :wink:

Faking injuries then laughing on their way off the field. Poor sportsmanship but it's not illegal and not unsurprising coming from Chris Jones, who refused to shake opposing coaches' hand after games for years. I have a feeling things will get even dirtier in the trenches next game as it was mostly DLine players faking.

I think the most pressing concern is that the offense didn't really have a response when the Riders prevented them from going no huddle and we'll see if the coaches can come up with something to address this. Myself, I'd threaten to go no huddle every down, let their players keep flopping and taking themselves out of the game for a couple of plays, you can call a play while the guy is rolling on the field pretending to be hurt. I guess we'll see how creative Lapo can really be.

Ed Gainey needs to buy lottery tickets, and a lot of them. An average or marginally above average corner throughout his career, he has been on the streak of a lifetime the last few weeks. He'll come back down to his baseline at some point, but it's been a monster few games for him for sure.

I think the Rider game re-affirmed my opinion on this team. I think we have enough playmaking on offense, but we're still lacking defensively. More specifically, we're still short a linebacker. I can't think of an impact game for Kyle Knox, unless it was a couple of good plays on the kick/punt cover units. I think Alexander and Walker will be good DBs for us, but both are rookies and Walker is out and Alexander is playing dinged up. We need one more quality experienced guy in the secondary. And lastly I can't figure out why a Dline featuring Westerman, Okpalaugo, and the promise of Jeffcoat and Corney is having so much trouble on the field. Jake Thomas has almost made as many big plays as those four combined which is quite disappointing.

The bombers coaching staff was totally over-powered by Jones & his staff of mopes & misfits. Thought our long-snapping coach held his own though!

Very troubling that the world's shortest dropback passer (5'8" Glenn) had all the time in the world to dilly dally. Not even forced out of the pocket.

Looked like 4 drunks trying to find their way to the women's washroom to be honest.

Given Rich Hall's history you expect a rather laid back and soft secondary. With Ian Wild's injury combined with poor recruitment you expect severe trouble at linebacker.

But given trading up to Okapologo & Nevis we expect more than just the odd sack, usually caused by a missed blocking assignment. Also think Westerman may be done as dinner - that's kinda spooky as all this big cat seems to be good at are off-sides and undisciplined penalties.

No real rush makes an indifferent group of linebackers and a laid-back group of DBs even weaker than they really are.

Mike O'Shea sees this - just can't admit it because of his loyalty to Loser Richie Hall.

PS> May as well start calling this the HallMichael defense! ITS THAT BAD!

Looks like both Edmonton & The Bombers are the new "stinking, rotting, corpses" of the CFL.

Bombers were severely over-powered at Taylor Swift Field last night - while the Schmoes were burned in effigy by a spunky group of Stampeedos . . . .

Winnipeg & Edmonton look like their strong first half performances are going to be wasted - look for both these teams to take a nose-dive the next 2 or 3 weeks for sure.

Can see the West ending up something like this:

  1. Calgary 14-3-1 = 29 pts.
  2. Regina 12-6 = 24 pts.
  3. BC11-7 = 22 pts.
  4. Edmont 9-9 = 18 pts.
  5. Winnipeg 9-9 =18 pts.

Can't see the bombers having more than 9 or 10 wins, unless something is done about Rich Hall and some of the inferior hobos the bomber defense is infested by.

......Other than the Bomber secondary going to sleep and playing confused under Hall's soft D...Bombers did alright and tightened things up in the west....Headed for second spot and it'll be a tussle between Esks. and us for that spot in the west...

Barring a total collapse (the standard hedge) I fully agree.

Calgary is too deep and too good at almost all positions to be caught for #1

In a league full of injuries, Bombers have one on the one and one on the six going into the bi week. Amazing.
A few NFL pieces floating around and the Boys, with a week off, have some scheming time .
Yesterdays game has me thinking.
Add a MLB and maybe a DB and let the weather get cold, this is a pretty good team. DL and OL better than I can remember. DL showed up yesterday.
MOS has created a low stress room, no apparent head cases, has the Specials in fine shape, hell I think we've even got a few back up QB's who could play.
I continue to be concerned by MOS leaving the high value guy's in when it seems to be done but I guess its the CFL. Its never over.
All in all, in a nice place going into the bi week. Then The RedBlack's. They just lost to Hamilton, go to Montreal and then come to IGF on a short week with travel on both ends. Sounds like a good one for our Guys. Wad's got time to jack the draft pricing and he's all good.

In closing, assuming 33,000 fans averaged three beers, with $6.00 to the club on each, $600,000 on beer? Montreal and Toronto can't do that on ticket sales. Is the CFL heading for some trouble?

Even with a mini-collapse (some or many bomber fans expect one) this is gonna be a land-office type year for the bombers - all that's missing is the extra crème 'n gravy from hosting a Grey Cup (4 to 7 million profit)

Great set up for Wad and his bid to be next Manitoba Emperor-in-Chief.

Good time for Dressler to get his mojo back, also Tim Flanders who Dunigan said was a bit dinged and timid . . . .

Some ifs and buts for the bomber braintrust:

  1. Bringing a broke down hobo like Roc Carmichael is a mistake - this ex-NFL guy doesn't like tackling, doesn't like covering, doesn't possess great speed. Otherwise, what a guy!

  2. Get someone to assist S Hurl at MLB - NFL cuts, trade, whatever, but Hurl isn't the answer. Clean guy, well-liked guy in the locker room but you need more heft on the field, Hurl isn't the guy - can continue to fill in at the spot plus play more special teams which he's decent at.

  3. Have O'Shea take a bigger role on defense - its obvious something's wrong with Richie Hall. Can't ignore it - have to address it.

  4. Go after a monster NFL cut WR. No ifs, ands or butts!

.......Don't know how much room we have on the roster or cash but I would expect to see a linebacker, receiver and db brought in for a look during our bye....areas we can surely do better in...We are looking more like a destination in the league now...Players can smell the cash and a trade option is still out there, although we don't go down that road very often....The Willy one was a if we can work out another one like that??? ;D

Don't think we'll ever see the likes of the trade which shipped Super-Mope Drew Willy to the argos for an all-star DB and the #1 overall draft pick.

The only alternative in Wpg. would have been to cut Willy outright and his ridiculous $400,000+ salary.

The guy is semi-serviceable as a CFL backup - not much more!

In retrospect the bombers biggest conquest was dumping the fat contract.

TJ Heath is the 3rd or 4th best bomber DB right now - none of them are super coverage or super tacklers but playing in Rich Hall's prevent D, all can shine.

The #1 draft pick turned out to be a bust - the mainstream bomber media (Irving, Tait, Hamilton, Westwood, Walby, Bauming, Wyman, Friesen, etc.) don't seem to be on their game and have ignored Faith Ekakities struggles to be a decent DT. He's NOT. Eventually he'll wash out of the league and the idiotic choice will be forgotten. Not be me!

Other than some questionable defensive coaching and Sam Hurl this bomber season might be the best since 2001. When the top bomber critic's main criticism centres around botched drafting you know the team is good.

I think the specials are good when we are kicking, for the most part. We've been susceptible to break downs too often on kick coverage IMO. The Banjo bowl game coverage was solid, but over the course of the season we've given up a number of big returns. Looking down the road, if we get into a playoff game vs the Stamps, their returner is solid and if we're not solid in that area that will just make it that much harder to pull out a win.

Good comment, agreed.
With a stud MLB we could move Hurl off to the specials and it all just gets better.
MOS sounds pretty high on his Teams coach and you gotta admit, bombers short kicks, coverage, mis-direct, has been just fine. Yes, kick coverage could be better, however every team has had missed kick covers.
All in all, I say get that stud, stay healthy and we're going far.