GDT: Bombers @ Riders

Live from The Dumpsite in Southern Saskatchewan . . . .

On paper its not even close - but these special games are never played on paper.

I'm looking for Durant to have another near career best day - hooking up with Roosevelt (prolly the league's best overall WR) for at least 2 TDs and 10 to 12 targets for around 175-200 yds.

If Bombers fall behind prior to half-time look for severe effects of the no-minds & half-wits which infest rider-nation to throw the bombers off their game - causing unreal breakdowns in bomber discipline and failure to make the prescribed comeback.

Tip-off for Bombers giving up the ghost this week - Boxcar Willy inserted into the fray!

If Corky pulls off the W over a mighty 5-4 CFL team he'll be hailed a conquering hero and carried off the field on a sedan chair.

Bombers not really worried about going to 5-5, although getting swept by Jonestown in the home and home would re-establish hometown panic and the temporary suspension of Grey Cup parade plans.

Right now, the bombers best road to the Grey Cup DOES NOT GO THRU THE WEST.

Having to deal with Calgary, BC & Edmonton is not a good trip, especially Calgary.

If Bombers can go 9-9; 10-8 for sure they'll get the crossover spot into the East; prolly encountered Ottawa or Montreal in the East semi - - - both more winnable games than playing Edmonton or BC in the west (on the road)

9-9 with a crossover also means Mik O'Shea and Ky Walters are re-upped for 3 year guarandamteed contracts!

7-11 or 8-10 without playoffs prolly means Mighty Mike, the good stoic is re-setting his resume and hunting for a coordinator position!

Against the form chart -

Riders 33
Bombers 16

In any event hometown Ratriders are 55.5% faves to win this afternoon.

It will be close. Durant can still move the football and the Bombers can't take any team lightly.

If there ever will be, this will be the game where the Bombers fall back to Earth.

Or the next one.

If the Riders only win 2 games this season, this is the one they must win.

I remember the 80's when the Stamps sucked.
Yet if we won the LD game against the Esks , it took the sting off.

Who knows, perhaps the Riders could sweep and get back in the race.

The Riders are so useless.

Stupid penalties and horrifically bad players - - especially on defence.

Could a scrub like Matt Nichols hang 400yds on the laughable Jones defence today?

I just got finished with the above post and Bombers 10 - 0.

Early hole will not help.

Ever consider the "scrub" just might be a good QB ?

Riders can't kick FGs and then can't even tackle on the missed FG return.

Just a total disaster in Regina.

Tyler's Crapingna-ing all over this game

Not since the 2003 Ticats have I seen a team THIS bad. :thdn:

It seemed impossible that Regina could be any worse than they were in 2015 but somehow the "brilliant" Chris Jones has found a way to do so.

What do you expect when the braintrust in Regina is signing guys from semi-pro leagues in northern Ontario?

Ok that's messed up. I get it that its the rule but that's a 100% fail safe first down every play .... just instruct your receiver to run into the defender. At least make it off setting in cases like this were its clear that the contact was the receiver deaking the wrong way and running into the defender who can't get out of the way of the receiver at that point.

Can Jones & Murphy not find a better RB than Kendial Lawrence?

Yes complete incompetence by the league, it's an impossible play for the dub. To avoid, sheer stupidity.

Agreed. Tough call

Riders doing their best to gift wrap this one for Winnipeg - - missed FGs, idiotic fake punts - - but the incompetent Matt Nichols can't do anything with the field position.

God bless the fans for showing up. Again, I didn't think it was possible for a team to be this bad. Even when DD came back. Just awful.

The only hope for Regina is if Durant can singlehandedly win this game by himself.

The place is packed!!!

LDC in Regina, last one at Mosaic - - are you shocked when the Maple Leafs sell out too?