GDT: Bombers @ Redblacks

On paper bombers slightly better team. However, factor in Ottawa's homefield advntage, Wpg's spurty play, slow starts, horrific coverage schemes, etc. I'd put the RBs as minimal 5.5 pt. favourites.

Dressler out for up to 6 games is a real shocker to bomber hopes.

Ott has a desperate record w/ only 1 win - - - - bombers are 3-2 so no desperation - YET. Clankford in for Dressler - not a great substitution. Something tells me Ott gonna do some real damage to Mutt Nichols - which will give Bomber mgmt. ample excuses to start writing down the season.

Hi, dont want to sound rude but your post is not understandable to non born english reader. I'm trying to figure out what most of the abbreviation you use are but couldn't figure out. It would be really appreciated to use full word to help out those like me who are reading these forum but are not english native.

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cividan, I think Lyle is or was a physician at one time so you just have to get used to his writing nuances. :-*

Don't know if Lyle was a medicine man but he did own a bookstore...Maybe his forte was reading short hand books at one time...Also hieroglyphics comes to mind....Bombers up against a very good club tonight despite their record...Ottawa will be tough and it'll take Bombers firing on all cylinders plus, to come away with the 2 pts.

Dysfunctional keyboard on laptop. Time to visit Trump Towers and grab me one of those confiscated laptops! lol

I expect the Bombers to win handily because the ORBs are absolutely terrible this year.

Well I would say Nichols has his team onside with him more than Harris. But that's a very superficial statement. Should be a dandy!

A very good half of CFL football

Both O'Shea & Porky Campbell gonna be jonesing for challenge flags in second half!

Yes, should be an interesting 2nd half, that's for sure!

Decent first half. Flow of the game was nice not having every play (seemingly) challenged. That said the referee blew the call forcing Winnipeg to challenge. And there in lies the real issue. Keep the one challenge sure but if command center determines it to be a egregious error like this was then perhaps give the challenge back. That way coaches wont be afraid to challenge obvious horrible calls but wont throw the flag on a close judgement call.

Powell, what a hole, love going for 2 and 'Blacks do it. 52 yard run play! That works!!!

Very interesting game!

Porky Campbell finally realizes bombers have vastly under-powered out of condition d-line plus some very iffy linebckers. Hurl may as well serve double duty as a ball-spotter, he's that feeble.

RBs should be able to take it home from here!

Would think so Lyle but we'll see...

Oh boy, not good for the RBs there...

Wow! Those Bombers just don't give up and Nichols has the confidence of this team.

Mr Cluth, Justin Medlock!

5th loss of the season for the RBs, who would have thought at this point in the season? Not me, that's for sure.

....The NEW cardiac kids....Sorry are wrong again...Bombers play these guys like a hooked fish, then net them at the end....

yea,way to read it Nate.

Nice game tonite! Pressure on Matty Coates to be new holder for Justin Medlox.
Mik O’Shea, with creer 41% winning percentage now an astounding 67% WP in 2017

Bomber D tightened @ right time.

Even Rotten Roddy Black couldn’t soil this one!

Stick a fork in the Rider GadeBLACKS.

They're done.

Great game, sorry RBS tough way to lose .I'm sure we'll see you in the playoffs.