GDT: Bombers @ Leos

Can Winnipeg sweep BC in a back to back?


Not so fast F.U.B.

Lulay is the wild card tonite. Bombers will have paper-prepped like the dickens for Lulay but as we've come to know - paper preparation is too often slow to be absorbed into actual play on the field. Lulay should have a veritable field day in the first half - before bombers realize they're 2 (or perhaps) 3 scores down. Then reality sets in and the game finishes a barn-burner.

Just prayin' TSN can hold off ridiculous Rod Black knocking at their CEO's door at 3am if he wasn't given the Vancouver assignment tonite. Blessing if we get professional Cuthbert on the stick - although its pretty obvious that Glen Suitor is starting to slide badly into the abyss. Time to start utilizing a variety of Dunigan, Stegall, even Horse-Whisperer Hank on color. You justCAN'T PROVIDEproper CFLcoverage with 2 under-performing color guys!

how dare you call me a fub….dems fighting words.....grrrrrr

I'm cautiously optimistic for the leo's tonight but not enough to vote on it. Looking forward to seeing Travis at the helm though. Good points made by Lyle..

Finga's crossed. Real crossed!

Won't be a butt whoopin again, but the Bombers have to win again if they want to prove they can hang with the big dogs.

Bombers definitely have to feast on the bottom-feeders while they can!

One never knows, mind you other teams when on Defense seem to step it up and perhaps the Lions can do just that tonight.

And gotta keep pace with Edm.
Put them away early Nichols!

Tonight is the night the Lions feast on Blue Bombers! I believe it is that time they prove they belong with the pack. Lulay in they might have a chance of a win. Wally has been pissed with his team and I would bet he kicked them in the pants and they show up tonight.

Here we go! Which team brings the pressure? Bombers owned the LOS last game, but Wally preached more pressure all week....we'll see!

That look by Wally says it all (after Harris runs it in on the opening drive)

Nice early start by bombers - but the form chart on the bombers is they get complacent after achieving an early lead - start changing their offense - and neglect using the things that were successful in the first place!

you are afraid to believe in Winnipeg teams aren’t you.

Not liking these plays to Demski today.

Demski seems a bit out of sorts/off-balance tonite - Nichols isn't helping the kid by hi-tossing him and forcing him to stagger.

OK - what did I just say about Demski? lol

I take that back, lol
Bombers moving the ball at will. BC's D is terrible.

Well, who was expecting that? On side kick that early?

Seen most of the great Winnipeg running backs over the years.

Other than Leo Lewis, the Lincoln Locomotive Andrew Harris might be the best of all the rest.

Including Jay Washington, Gerry James, Hoss Houmard, Dave Raimey, Mack Herron, Tim Jessie, Charles Roberts, etc.

The guy does so many great things great. Doesn't have the breakaway speed of guys like Raimey or Washington but so what?

I'd put him on a par with Willard Reaves who only played a few years in the CFL. Reaves wasn't near as good a receiver as Harris, possibly a bit better running back though (more power, ability to break blocks, etc.)

He's got the heart & soul of the team, and there's no doubting what he's done over the past couple yaers. But you gotta put Charlie in there too.