GDT: Bombers @ Leos

These two teams will only play twice this year, and it will be in back to back weeks in mid-July.

On my current platform these pre season games are not being televised. Apparently there's some hockey tournament going on for some, cup? The Leo's beat the stamps last week but I have very little faith in Jennings for what I think are obvious reasons.

BC with 80% confidence

I agree with you in that the Lions will win. However, I'm only at 68% confident in that. And I'm only 54% confident in my confidence.


The Bombers may have been the scrappiest team last year. Not great on paper, but would do just enough to hang around until the bitter end, and make it interesting.

You realize the Bombers were tied for 2nd overall in the league,6 points ahead of anyone in the East right.Thats alot of hanging around making things interesting.That being said they sure didn't send many starters tonight.It could be a rough night