GDT: Bombers in Ottawa 6/5 - Battle of the the last Undefeateds

Which team is going to be undefeated?


82-yd touchdown!

Someone in Ottawa’s secondary really blew that one.

Definitely missed assignment.

And it was Pruneau

Who stays undefeated? Based on early results - I’d say the Bombers! :wink: :smiley: But then I picked them to win. I think that overall they are the better team but we’ll see.

Campbell is a-gambling on 3rd and 2 and it pays off.

Bloody Espn+

Are you having issues? I’ve got a clear signal.

No problems with TSN! ;D ;D ;D Early in one of the Hamilton games (I think it was last week but could have been the game at BMO) the picture was really jumpy off and on for a bit. Fortunately it didn’t last.

Money Medlock misses? (at least that’s what Hamilton fans used to call him when he was a Ticat many moons ago)
A bit of a defensive battle going on here.

That’ll work to Winnipeg’s advantage.

A sack on Davis by Jefferson (sort of - the ball popped out) but no loss of yards?

They called it incomplete pass so no loss of yards

Guess I should be paying more attention! :-[Often just tune out the “talking heads”!

Heat must be getting to Medlock- TWO misses in a row!! :o :o :o

Maybe he should take some lessons from Ward who DOESN’T miss from 52 yards!

Not sure why Bombers get an extra yard added to almost every carry. Also wonder if they will ever be penalized in this game. Finally the inexplicable offensive pass interference call was just that - totally without foundation. Question question questions.

Kim (s)Murphy is referring that’s why. Our section are laying what bogus penalty he will come up next.

Seems to be a few questionable calls in most games. There were at least three or four “iffy” calls in last night’s game.