GDT: Bombers @ Eskimos

After much thought Mike O’Shea, who might actually be in hte running for 1 of the 3 coach of the year nominations decides to rest his #1 QB, his #1 RB and more strangely his dual PK/P Justin Medlock.

For the record - who rests a kicker?

Could really end up stupid - with egg all over - throws the timing off on kicks and kick teams.

Brilliant or contagiously numbskull?

Kudos to TSN - burning both non-factor games to Rod Black. Black under a bit o pressure w/ testy Matt Dunigan beside him on color. Dunigan won’t put up with Black’s inanities like D Forde does!

A little surprised that Medlock is being rested although Lankford DID make the FG - didn’t notice how long it was but think it was under 40 yds. Wonder if Medlock has a minor injury or some muscle strain that makes resting him and keeping him totally healthy for the playoffs a good decision.

My mistake - they dressed Harris - ran him 2 plays, 1 for 5, next for 31 to grab the rushing title from William Powell.

Harris salutes fans as he exits the game!

Bombers wanted badly to get him the rushing title - so they could also pay him a much-needed bonus! (deserved immo)

For some strange reason I think I took the Eskies to win this one- WHAT WAS I THINKING?? :-\ :-\ The Bomber backups look better than the EE starters!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: Of course the game is young - still three quarters to go.

Honestly, if the rumours are true about Reilly leaving Edm…, depending on Strevelors contract…i would love to see Chris in Green and Gold next year if possible. He looks like a Matt Dunigan clone.

Another one i don’t see coming back into the CFL is the ref Proulx…he got called out by the commish for missing the hit on Collaros by Willis…

Nah, if Reilly can shake off some early hit 'n run cobwebs he’ll gradually take control of the bomber backups and win going away!

Never mind his annunciating inability, he is just a horrible ref.
Last week’s brutal miss when he was behind Collaros on that ugly hit by Willis is a prime example.

Highly doubt that Streveler would be available - as a rookie he’s going to be signed to a minimum 2 year deal.

REALLY happy to see him officiating this game which means he WON’T be doing the Ticats game! :wink:
Have to say that I’m surprised he missed the Collaros hit as he’s been one of the higher rated officials in the past few seasons - much as Ticats fans think he “has it in” for the Ticats.

I have to say that the question a few minutes ago about whether the loss of Derel Walker adversely affected the EE’s chances to succeed was TOTALLY assinine!! Losing one receiver shouldn’t have that much of an effect on a team - even a top receiver. Try asking the Stamps or Ticats if the loss of virtually a WHOLE receiving corps has affected them - THAT makes way more sense!

And I see that the Eskies have pulled ahead by a slight margin.

I agree, losing one player doesnot make or break a team, next man up, is the word…the esks are not as good as everyone thought for one reason or another…it just seeemed they weren’t up for some of their games through the season…i for one believe it had to do with coaching and i am pinning the blame on all the coaches, the thing is the HC is the one to decipher what is affecting the team and Maas did not ultimately do that but that is myh thought, others can argue that.

watched Burris, Sanchez and Stegall…I always get uncomfortable listening to Stegall, he is an antagonist with the rest of the panel.

Reilly has been running for his life way too often this season - and who poached some of their good OL? - Hervey in BC! Plus they seem to be forever chucking it down the field not making as much use of Gable as they did after they seemed to after he was acquired last season from the Ticats. Shades of Kent Austin and the Ticats - worked for a while but not forever. This season the EE discovered that! And they were the worst in the league in penalty yards taken although they did start to clean that up a few weeks ago.

Maas certainly has made some questionable decisions at times so I’m sure that comes into play as well.

Maybe that’s his “role” - always has to be one antagonist to stir the pot - Guess they think that makes it more interesting for the viewers!

Surprised that the Bomber are playing as many starters - mainly on D - as I’ve seen. I think the Ticats are sitting virtually their whole lineup of starters aside from the receivers who’ve recently joined the team who DEFINITELY need the reps in the offense (Sinkfield and McDaniel + draft pick Justin Buren.

According to many Proulx is the best - of a bad lot.

Meanwhile in the madman announcer dept. can’t decide who’s losing it more - Rod or Matty D.

For certain Rod getting an official wake-up call from Dunigan - Matt’s got Rotten Roddy all hepped up, way past his bed-time!!!

Reilly just got SMACKED! and why is he playing? Because he wants to? if so , not a good enuff reason who and where is the HC? Goodbye JM, i only hope

He’s gonzo for sure.

Don’t think there’s a CFL QB who absorbed and probably enjoyed taking punishment more than Reilly.

OK, maybe Buck Pierce - obviously Matt Dunigan!!!

NOTE: Both Pierce and Dunigan had to hang up the cleats early due to repeated concussions and other injuries!

Reilly far bigger (and obviously stronger) than either Pierce or Matty

I’m sure BC (future employer) isn’t impressed by all the punishment Hatman Reilly is taking.

Almost borders on abuse. Gonna be some sore bomber tacklers after this game to be sure!

Lets see what Reilly does in a better coaching and management environment.

Wonder where Jon Jennings ends up? He’s army surplus if Reilly is on his way. BC should be able to yench a decent o-lineman or draft pick for Jennings!