GDT: Bombers @ BC

This epic battle features the red-headed gimp (Area51's affectionate nickname for T Lulay) vs. Mighty Mutt (Matt Nichols)

The skinny

BC has far more receiving weapons that Winnipeg. Guys that can get open and hold onto the ball in tight spaces. Bombers have a couple guys with frying pan hands - and a couple more who when keyed on won't be able to get wildly open.

Suspect Nichols might be able to move the ball between the 20s - which means Justin Medlock should be in for at least 5 or 6 field goals tonite. Bombers might score 1 TD (either a long drive or a short turnover) so they should be good for 22 to 26 pts. Lulay should be able to put a flight school together - without both Moe Leggatt and Ian Wild the bombers will be vulnerable, especially since Rich Hall is their defensive coordinator - I'm predicting BC should be good for minimum 24 pts - and maximum 43 pts so a BC win is predicted.

Coaching wise its another mis-match. Wally Buono is a serious and experienced head coach who gets what its all about. Meek Mike O'Shea is still on a steep learning curve, defers too much to assistants and his only real asset is he's universally loved by his troops.

As offensive tacticians I'll take Khari Jones & Lulay over PLOP & Buck Pierce.

BC's defense is their primary vulnerability but they still have a guy named Solly Bomb Bombs.

Lulay is a hero type guy, even at 33 he'll play thru light concussions or even broken ribs. Nichols is a tough hombre as well - but if he gets crushed up, his level of performance drops significantly.

Should be good wide open high scoring game. BC by 9 then on to Edmonton

Has Travis Lulay, and Ritchie Cunningham ever been seen together?

Are they the same person?

See Barry Manilow/Joe Montana or Silken Laumann/John Elway

I love dopplegangers

First two BC plays Bomber D line eats BC O.
That will be the game…

Listen up!! Travis Cunningham, and Ritchie Lulay are cousins good grief!!!!!!!!!
LOL. Cheers. Travis is the tough guy, Ritchie is well, Ritchie the rich guy.

Gumper relax. BC by 9. Big game for BC. Bombers trying to hold on. Cheers!!!!

I see the Bombers DBs are playing up to their usual standards of not being able to cover a seniors' home resident. Could be a long game...for Wpg.

s predicted bomber WRs cn't get open. Mutt Nichols gettin' murdered!

Bombers r sluggish rubbish! :cowboy:

Not a great turnout

Looks like the Kuldys ref is out there tonite! oshe burns chllenge to correct! :cowboy:

Hey Nichols - nice run! Who's tht recognizable sick voice? Lyin' Guy - he lives to torment people!!@!

Is this using a language I should know?

Maybe not a great turnout,Grover, but it was 1,842 more than the first regular season game.

The fans enjoyed a great game and win. More will return next game.


Just came home from the game. 21,017 - not bad. Stands felt much fuller tonight with great energy in the stadium. If you'd told me it was 22,000 - 23,000 I wouldn't have argued.

Looked on the Ticketmaster map a couple of days ago and there were still lots of blue dots, so it must have been a big walk-up and/or game day sales. There just seemed to be a bigger buzz in town this week coming off the Lulay performance in Hamilton and the 3 straight wins. I'll be interested to see the TV numbers.

The obvious answer is they are still fudging the numbers as was stated in that article by the Vancouver paper last year. Claiming tickets distributed are a few thousand more than the reality. Probably only 18 - 19,000 at the game last night as the lower bowl seats 26,000 or so and it was about a third empty.

BC offense blew the top off in the fourth and the Bombers sucked as usual in the fourth. Bummers have been outscored something like 42-9 in 4th quarters this year. Most logical explanation - bad coaching! See Lapo and Hall who have been fired too many times to count.

Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about if you think there were only "18 - 19,000" there. If you're gauging that guess-timate by the photos taken in this thread, that was prior to kick-off. 7:00pm games on Fridays are murder here due to traffic, especially with construction all around the stadium. The place got MUCH fuller half-way through the first quarter.

And BC Place lower bowl holds 27,500, not 26,000. Proof HERE.

Whatta game!

Lulay, the airshow.

Penny Dredfuls r the bombers

Most dredful:

  1. Dredful Mike OShey
  2. Dredful Mutt Nichols
  3. Dredful Richie Hll
  4. Dredful Roc the Soc

Jury still out on PLOP. Too conservative when up 2 scores!!!

Mike O is lost out there! DC is horrid! Gomer Kyle poor monk's GM.

Love how Medlock refuses to go @ returners - protecting his big contrct for the most. Leves the tckling to Little Boy Dressler!!!

Skull crushing outcome to none other thn Wod Miller. His QB desecrating the field, goofy HC, repugnant DC, puzzling OC. Prolly costs the wod 'round 2,000 buttholes / outing!!!

Got so gwdful they inserted Chubby Ek (#56), exposing this chubby kid's shortcomings!

For sure, had just about everything! Probably one of the most interesting games I've ever watched either side of the border! Great win for the Lions, Lulay is the Lulay of old. And that coach of the Bombers, love him or hate him, brings a different element to the game of gridiron football. Live by the sword, die by the sword eh Mike? :smiley: