Winter has hit Southern Alberta, so I will not be here for this one.

I am snowbirding the faak otta here to Vancouver for the last Lions game.

Game is predicted for snow snow and snow and about - 10.
Tell you folks, those corner end seats are tough in cold.
They are metal with no backs and make it even colder to sit on.

Good luck to the Stamps, Bombers and all fans who brave the elements.

I'm cheering for the Stamps only because that will make the Edmonton-Saskatchewan game all that more meaningful as the Eskies will have a shot at 2nd.

I think that the Bombers can probably beat the Stampeder backups, but you never know.

Tons of secrecy emanating from all the Gold Scarves running bomber operations.

Most surrounding Matt Nichols injury. At first it was sluffed off asa mild sideline thing, easily handled by massage and medium level pain-killers.

Now the fear is a slightly torn calf muscle - which would render Nichols unable to perform at any level other than sacrificial lamb in the bomber's one and done playoff appearance.

So why the secrecy? Bombers still holding out hope that Sask'n can topple the mighty schmoes and give Wad Miller a home gate - cuts down on expensive travel costs (charter plane to Edmonton, hotel rooms, food, misc.) - that's a saving of probably $200,000 to $250,000 right there. Not to mention the gate generated, albeit a far less than sold out IGF stadium. The upside is that even with a fake crowd of 15,000 to 18,000 the bombers will yield far more coin given the savings of not having to travel to Edmonton for the western semi. They'll gouge all the rider fans like there's no tomorrow - might have 2,000 to 2,500 rider fans tractoring over for the game.

If the bombers end up 3rd in West and have to travel to Edmonton the shackles will come off the gold scarves and Miller will allow information to leak out (probably thru Irving) that Nichols is down for the count. Basically the revenue factor is off the equation so there's no downside in revealing the extent of Nichols injury.

Only positive in bomberville is most informed football folks deem the bombers a free spot on the bingo card - regardless of where they finish. They'll have so little expectation the team could actually rise up and stun an opponent Its a longshot but its the only shot they have.

Lots of changes in the depth chart.
Nat. QB Buckley to start

....Buckley vs. LeFevour....Bombers have a chance....Poor field conditions...I like the Bombers chances in the cold and they have both of their rb's in for this one..If it comes down to field's a saw-off...Should/could be close

Sorry to say, but the Bombers are going the wrong way as the playoffs approach....and poor field conditions (anybody got a staple gun and some broomball shoes?) will only expose the biggest Winnipeg weakness, their DB's.

Don't like their chances.

Even a pure mope like Drew Willy could take advantage of that putrid Richie Hall secondary. . . . and Andrew Buckley is a superior QB to Willy . . . . . Buckley not quite as powerful a runner as LaFever - both are average passers with little to no experience in snowstorms. Buckley has more experience with Calgary O than Fev er has with Bombers under-manned & under-powered O.

Sure appears Calgary management is trying to lend an "invisible" hand to bombers - giving off all the cues required to assume Bombers can host the west semi - and hopefully play host to Regina Rat Riders, sending Edmonton eastward.

Without Nichols (assume he has a slight to moderate calf tear) the bombers are as vulnerable at home as they'd be on the road.

Sask or Edmonton would dispatch them in short order!

But make either play a tough away game on the frozen tundra known as IGF - that's a decent ticket. Could take on some extra injuries, lose key players, etc. before visiting McMahon for western final.

That's what I'm thinking, except LeFevour starting might level the playing field.

Don't home teams in the playoffs have to buy the rights to the game from the league? There is some risk in that as the the price to buy the game may not be exceeded by gate revenues, especially with semi-finals which tend not to draw well in most if not all markets.

With freezing temperatures combined with snowfall in Calgary on gameday I am expecting an ugly game, especially with the backup QBs in place. Add in the fact it is a meaningless game for Calgary and I expect no more than 10,000 actual butts in the seats. Should be a quiet game even if the Stamps dominate!

Good point. Can anyone else verify that playoff game rights have to be purchased from the league. I'm sure, if the bombers back into a home gate - Wad Miller will go cap in hand to Ambrosie and tell him that he doesn't expect more than 15,000 in the stands - even w/ 2,000+ dirt farmers heading east. . . . . . so the formula would have to change - ie. a smaller base charge plus a fee per seat levy on all seats sold over 12,000 or so.
If Bombers have to pay full boar for their playoff game - might be a lot of red ink on the transaction!

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Buying the Grey Cup (event) has been going on for quite some time but I don’t think a team can buy a playoff event. Part of the upside for a team and the Cup is they can set up numerous ancillary happenings around town to generate revenue but in most cases there wouldn’t be enough lead time to arrange functions for a semi or east/west final…especially this year.

What a miserable environment (minus 23 wind chill )to play in tonight .

WOW - Did Sara O just go on a 2 minute sideline rant about nonsense while a turnover was happening on-field? Guess Chrissy Cuthbert & Floyd Suitor were terrified of interrupting her. Does she have relatives who own chunks of Bell/TSN? Like Rod Black?

She does look cute in her toque and she was trembling a bit with that segment on the o-line . I don't think they care as much tonight it's casual Friday in the CFL. It's an exhibition game atmosphere tonight .

I was watching the fumble T/O in the back ground and was asking myself, "self, aren't we enjoying listening to Sara...?"
Calgary is leaking like a liberal Government!

Team Smelling Saltz off to a 23-0 lead. Bombers better be careful of what they ask for. Pope Levi warming up on sidelines - fully capable of pillaging a feeble bomber defense for 24 or more points in 2nd half!

I bet our friend Deuvl in Montreal was also trembling - watching Sara tremble!!! lol

Nothing like a snow game in the CFL.

I miss that guy!
Lyle, an aside.....a new CFL nome de plume, wait for it, Rod Plaque.