GDT: Bombers @ Argos

It's the first leg of a H-A.

Both teams are coming off of a close loss.

Double Blue Bombers?

Ouch . What a game . That last series of flags going one way and then the other I thought they were landing a plane .

Well they found a few to show. Unfortunately, the Argos so far look terrible.

Bomber's making kick returns an unpredictable and exciting adventure :smiley:

Eesh, my sched finally allows me to sit down and catch a full Argos game, and this is how it goes?

At least the last minute took a favourable turn for the double blue. Let’s see if the offense can do anything in the second.

I don’t know what the problem is there:
All of the above? :frowning:

Game doesn’t seem to be on here in Vancouver. Listings suggest we’ll get Q4 after the Whitecaps game? WTH?

Just got home from taking our son to the airport a short while ago and turned on TSN1 to find a soccer game so quickly switched to TSN 3. I suspect that it's on TSN 3 4 and 5 but didn't check the guide. TSN 4 is our regional here in Ontario - not sure which one applies to Vancouver.

Short little swing passes or short passes expecting the receiver to pick up YAC but they seem to be getting stuffed from the little bit I've seen. And then the receivers DO have to hang on to the ball when it is tossed down the field! :-[

Nice cosy crowd in Tyranna - maybe 9,500 to 10,000 - they'll announce 11,500 to 12,500 to avoid national embarrassment

Bombers not really a great road draw other than Regina - no real superstars other than homegrown Husky Harris; embarrassing for a coaching genius like Rabbi Trestman he's being taken to the cleaners by Horse Collar specialist Mik O'Shea!!!

Bombers up 23 late in the 3rd quarter - form chart says they'll shut down the engines and coast on fumes so the outcome still very much in doubt!

2 putrid football teams scrambling to see who is least embarrassed (hint: its the team nabbing 2 points out of the travesty)

Bummers will need 43 pts to steal this barn-burner!

Bombers trying there best to beat themselves again .

16 points scored on fumble returns if you count the two point conversions . The field goal was also after the Harris fumble before the half .

TO getting their scores on ST or D who picked up the ball and ran it in - so I thought. Franklin adds the 2 point convert to narrow the gap.

Bomber board of director genius David "Dizzy" Asper has moved to rename his team Winnipeg Fumble Club . . . . . .

Should be okay if the TO offense continues to be offensive! ;D :wink:

Rather ironic when they were the "masters" of causing fumbles and nabbing picks out of the air not too long ago! ;D

Appears Porky Pig, Paul LaPolice has taken off to see Stormy Daniels at a local club. Texting his calls in from the club - in between |"@@motor-boating@@"

Wow never saw a guy stand still to get hit .

Might want to know the rules first .