GDT: Bombers @ Argos

Must win for the boatmen. Lose this game and Ottawa can clinch 1st with a win next week. They need to snap that horrible record against the west today. At least it's at BMO where they do better than on the road.

I can not figure the Argos out.

With the talent they have , they should have locked up first long ago.


DC is right, gotta get a win against a good West contender.

Yeah, amazing it's still a race, after the way that the Argos swept the Redblacks.

I was ready to walk away from this weekend after last nights video review disaster but it is the Argos so I'm PVRing the game. Got to be on the ice at 5 so I won't see this till around 9 tonight.


Go Double Blue!!!! 8)

Argos up 7 in the second quarter.

Money Medlock not living up to his ($185K/season) name.

Blue Bomber Talk?
2m2 minutes ago
Justin Medlock has made just 9 of his last 15 field goal attempts. Trending the wrong way late in the season.

Mike O'SniffShorts is NOT concerned!

But its obvious looking at Medlock he's a broken man. He was a mess from 45 to 52 - now he's questionable from the 38, with the friggin' wind!

Suddenly lockdown medlock hits from 53 with 5 or 6 to spare . . . . whats up wid dis?

Bombers best o-lineman Travis Bond went down in 1st half and hasn't returned - replaced by long-time canuck vet Paddy Neufeld.

Looks to be 13,000 to 14,500 in the stands! Hard to tell as they're mostly dispersed.

Bomber linebackers are physically weak (hence Wilder running wild) but I didn't think their d-line would get pushed and shoved around like they are!

My son is at the game and reports the non tv side is packed, much more so than the side we see on screen. Says it's loud!

ARGOOOS just cut the BB lead to 5 pending the outcome of their 2 point convert attempt - picked off - and then there's the flag so there'll be re-try.

IF they can beat the Ticats! ;D ;D :wink: Ticats came away with the big W last time they paid a visit to TD Place.

Don't know why O'Sniff wastes his only challenge on an iffy convert call.

Thanks to the shop stewards at TSN for relieving viewers of the obnoxious & noisy Rod Black and putting in their A-Team of Gord & Dunigan. Those two are superb!

Also, Sam Hurl reminds me of some drunken dude who wins a fan radio contest to participate in a game - (for one play) and has stayed in since . . . . . man that guy is gruesome. Can't hit, can't tackle, can't run, can't contain! Change his name to Sam Hole!

James friggin Wilder is quickly emerging as a major star in this league.

Exciting player

Ah Roddy and Duane probably drew the Ticats/Als game in Montreal tomorrow! Not that it's a tough trip from TO to Montreal - especially flying.

He's been running wild all right. Should have put him in my fantasy lineup instead of the Stamps
Terry Williams! :-[ Davaris Daniels was an even bigger bust! >:( >:( >:(

O’Shea is a great judge of talent. Fielding a super defensive stopper lineup with Sam Hole in the middle. What a donut!

Anyways, bombers getting 2 TDs from turnovers - Harris is a mope. Denmark all but invisible.

Dpn’t think they’ll be able to get in field goal range in last 2 minutes. Not physically strong enough!

Respect Matty but he's wrong.

Bombers don't have enough weapons!

Another miss on the 2 pointer convert by TO! BBs just need to drive for a FG - after Trestman tries to challenge - late - something that isn't challengeable! Don't think he had a case anyway.

Pressure is definitely on them and even if they do get close enough for a Medlock, is he going to make the kick? He's been less than his usual accurate (in the past) self this season.