GDT: Bombers @ Als

These two teams meet for the only time before September.

Suspect we'll have a fine night of Black-a-Mole - as Rod tries to figure out what this CFL thing is all about - and Duane is too afraid to tell him!

Expect the usual from the bombers - a wide assortment of failed/complicated plays, a few remarkable carries or pass receptions, a fierce but "missed by that much" defense and slightly above average special teams and kicking.

Road game for the bombers - at least 15,000 ranting, roarin' Als fans will be on their case all night.

Not saying the season's over if Bombers get stomped - rookie QBs rarely start in their first two dressings. Looking for Streveler to make a few more steps tonite - slightly better progressions and take advantage of Als pursuit so that he can make extra yds with his legs.

If Willy is putrid & glass-eyed terrified the Als don't stand a chance. But if he puts up some decent numbers, keeps the turnovers low and takes advantage of Richie Hall's propensity to leave vast terrains of open spaces - he could pull off a win!

So far the Bombers have dominated - at least the ToP and Streveler has looked pretty good in putting a couple of scoring drives together before being held to a and out. Of course they had the ball for more than minutes! The larks are becoming painful to watch! :o

The Bombers and a dreadful Richie Hall defense will keep any old opponent in the game!

Those poor Als are getting plucked in spite of the bad Winnipeg D.

Last night's game was entertaining - despite the score.

Tonight's first game is a dud of the first order.

This is the worst O-line I’ve ever seen.

The Als D looks lost and unmotivated .

Stublers The bend don’t break D is just bending and broken .

The offence is going to chase away fans with total ineptness .

You can lose with a struggle and keep’em coming back but with unprofessional
execution of simple plays they will hurt the ticket buying casuals who will only witness it once .

I feel like I am watching an expansion team tonight .

With this as the home opener the alarm bells better being going off .

Is anyone going to be in the stands come the 4th quarter? 8)

This really could be nothing short of a total embarrasement for the Als tonight?

So much for all of the larks high-priced free agent talent on defense that's supposed to be the strength of the team! ::slight_smile: They couldn't stop a nose bleed and they sure can't contain a talented, athletic QB like Streveler. No slight on the young rookie, but he might not be QUITE as good as the larks are looking him look.

And if Winnipeg's D is not that great (TONS of pressure on Willy so far) then I'd sure hate to see a GOOD defense against the birds!

This game is U-G-L-Y!! :-[

According to loyal Rider fans - every team has a stinker of a game (Riders last night) but I thought the larks got that out of the way last week - at least after the first quarter!
They look TOTALLY inept! Embarrassment it putting it mildly!

There is simply so many new players and coaches in Montreal that it's going to take time for everyone to settle in. I feel for them. It can't be easy to be motivated to win when the roster and coaching staff have very active turnstiles.

They should sign Vernon Adams now also. He wouldn't be any worse than anyone in their current QB group.

With all the glitz, glamour and efficiency TSN showed last nite w/ Brodie Lawson, Rod Smith, Forde, others its all gone down the drain tonite.

I now see what everyone means about Suitor taking over broadcasts and forgetting about the game at hand. He's really bad tonite!

Cuthbert having a devil of a time identifying players and calls. Not quite as bad as Rod Black, but you don't even want to be in the same sentence as Rod Black when it comes to game description!

Kerry Joseph is only 43/44 - couldn't be any worse than Eddy Haskell, Jr. #5

At half time, this is just bad as the Als are horrid on both sides of the ball.
They have no QB and their coaching staff is oblivious.
They may not win a game all year.

Losing streak should be 12 games - and counting!

Streveler might have more rushing yards tonight than the complete larks team has had in TWO games.

According to Kavis, the times they are a-changing in La Belle Province - NOT!!

Adams is only 25. This guy totally lit it up at Oregon, and yet no one in the CFL knows what to do with him.

He's well suited to an June Jones type offense but was only "insurance" in case Johnny didn't sign. I don't know if anyone else in the league runs a similar type of offense but that is the kind of situation where Adams might be able to shine. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for the Ticats to keep him with the emergence of Dane Evans - and of course Johnny.

Adams turned them down. Kavis F... him over last year. He's not going to go to Montreal and get injured for Kavis Reed. He'll be one of the first players picked up by the new league.

The Stamps might grab Adams . Bombers picked up Gale this week .