GDT: Bombers @ Als

Should be a gooder. Most ominous thing about the game is not the teams - its whether we get saddled with Rodnoxious Rod Black - who's the biggest buzz-killer in the CFL.

On paper 6-2 bombers should be slight favourites over 3-5 Als. But the bombers have been houdinis in a couple of their matches - also an early season W over an unprepared Sask'n operation. But they whipped a worn-down and injured group from #1 Edmonton last week - score was closer than the game cuz most of the bombers played real tight - uptight in many cases.

So Bombers are coming off a high produced in front of 34,000+ rabid souls at IGF Studios on Wpg. while Darian Durant barely achieved 90 yds passing in last week's sad outing.

So what gives? The bombers have de-rostered one of their suspect hobos in Rok Carmichael - an ex-NFL rounder with weak tackling skills and weaker coverage skills. They still have problems in their middle with ultra-soft and super-slow Sam "The Sham" Hurl. With both Hurl & Carmichael inserted in a defense controlled by Rich Hall - a big rebound is expected by DD Durant, a man noted for huge rebounds. Durant is also the league's strongest QB, so if he decides to man up and take on the bomber D-line and linebackers they'llbe forced to use penalty-derived tactics to take him down. Durant could shrug off a dupe like Hurl in next to no time - so if his ancient and honored technique of shot-putting the football is accurate he'll frustrate a bomber secondary noted for giving up gaping areas of coverage on the studio field.

Don't see Matt 'Scrub' Nichols doing another 400 yds vs. the Als D. 300 to 330 would be great. As well can't see Harris pulling off another double-double (100/100) vs. a stouter less-injured D. 60/60 would still be outstanding for the bombers MVP candidate (Harris)

Coaching wise - Mr. Smelling Salts O'Shea is flying high after achieving a .750 winning percentage this season - opposed to his career .400 percentage this is fabulous. Even if the bombers lose tonite - O'Shea will positize a 6-3 record as a singular great accomplishment for the boys in blue. And it is.

Remember I predicted a bomber win total of somewhere between 6 and 9.

Real chance the bombers high flying ways are curtailed in Montreal tonite, perhaps by 3 to 6 pts. And if the team starts floundering (NOTE: all CFL teams flounder, some more than others) they have a very real chance of going 3-6 down the stretch, ending up 9-9 and only assert themselves as crossover contenders!

Other than Rod potentially spitting up over this game - the promise is for a tough, hard-nosed football game with an unexpected outcome!

Sorry Dad, don't see it quit like that.
Montreal beat up, Blew are healthy.
Bomber OL & DL firing on all eight. OK, Hurl'd is soft but The Roc's parked.
Was concerned about Loffler's health but he shows starting.
If anything, playing Montreal, you may well get "nicked", or even just run over.
QB goes down, Bombers are OK, Montreal has the Willy's.
Bombers confident, Al's shoulder checking.
"The Beer Garden" has been good for Blew in the past, crowd noise not much.
Montreal having ratio issues, a NI goes down and they've got troubles.
Look for PLOP to ramp up the no huddle/hurry up O, causing second stringers all kinds of stress.
Medlock's got some tricks up his sleeve...
Small matter but Bombers have two extra days of rest.
MOS's coach's show this week had him in full "us versus everybody" mode. If you aren't in "the room" you just don't matter. I think he's been writing Trump's speeches.

Bombers by a dozen, Durant doesn't make it to the 4th. MOS clean shaven but grim shorts.

Point to watch, Bummers up early, PLOP reading his e-mails from eastern GM's.

Some very good points W - like I say Bombers on paper are the better team. But nobody in CFL lore can coach himself into a loss like Bermuda Schwartz & Smelling Salts cocktail guy!

Hurl is still out there so look for Durant to shrug himself off when he gets close and bowl him over when he needs a few extra yards.

Loffler is playing on rubber legs - make no mistake about it.

Your cousin Plumper Lewis should be able to find weak spots in bomber zone coverage - and roll for yac yds when required.

Don't see this as a 12 pt. Bomber margin.

Either bombers by 4

Or Als be a deuce!

Also look for our friend OokPikaloogo to have early success on pressures but fade badly in 2nd half as conditioning becomes the issue - your buddy #1 draft pick Faith Halfasackitty should get his requisite 2 to 4 reps - as the bombers try to avoid the shame of drafting another dud in the draft.

Ooops - as feared The Soiler, Rod Black on the stick tonite!

Should note that bombers highly paid $200k+ kicker, Justin Medlock having an off-year. Only converting 80.4% of field goals - that's lowest in the league!

That said, pretty much money in the bank from inside the 47 - also near perfect on converts! Learning to be a very good punter, too!

As predicted Durant sheds weak, underpowered LB #10 Hurl and escapes for good yardage - but then barfs up an easy pic by Randle #8.

Als are lucky bombers are zombies in the score zone. Lucky to come out with another 3

Durant takes another snap-krak form bomber front 4, disposes of ball via fumble. Will the unthinkable happen tonite? ie. Poo Willy taking over the controls???

Bombers choosing 2nd quarter as their sleep-walking sequence. Very little action on offense, Nichols under duress. Bombers not a particularly powerful or speedy team - just guys who stick to the plan, have a very good game managing QB and a coach who doesn't panic anymore!

Bombers cruising for a bruising. Offense has gone to sleep - Als starting to protect their QB and Durant bouncing back well after last week's putrid outing.

Als have more power, bit more speed. If they can win or at least equalize the turnover battle they'll hand the bombers their 3rd loss.

Big barrel line coming out of Winnipeg after the loss - "Hey, we're still 6-3 with a whole half a season to play!"

Bomber D pretty much gassed in OT. Durant having his way with them.

Bombers still in it from sheer force of will.

Bombers get the W.

Als get some of their pride back!

Durant & Lewis both have great games - but Durant reverts to DooDoo Durant on last series of OT - and tosses easy pick to Randle to snuff out Als drive!

Bombers 7-2 at the halfway mark! WOW!!!!!