GDT: Bombers @ Als

1st game of the week was a gooder so hopefully Winnipeg and Montreal can keep it up. Last nite refs were fairly silent (other than dishing up a bit o extra punishment for Campbell early in the game) and the teams played good, solid ball.

Big questions for tonite:

  1. Can La Field Mouse, Kevin Glenn keep up his level against a solid bomber defense?

  2. Is The Wolf of Ball Street (Matt Nichols) a mirage?

  3. Clash of coaching styles - volatile Jim Popp vs. sonambulent Mike O.

Deja vu all over again with Glenn.

Pretty good game.

Lots of mini to massive blunders by both teams. Kevin Glenn may as well wear genuine Penn State & Teller blindfold.

Bombers not sharp and lacking some discipline after bye week - also a couple of new ballers inserted.

Matt Nichols not having a great game (he's OK but terrified of going deep for some reason). Timing appears off - but remember A-51 and I both called him a super-hobo - guess he's finally rounding into H-form.

I remember Wilkie ( Tom Wilkinson) being a non athletic pop gun arm . I loved the guy he won and would love his style today . Maybe Nichols can be your Wilkie . Maybe Willie can be his Bruce Lemmerman .

Super hobo? No idea what you mean by that. O'Shea the first to feel the "sting" of the new rule.

Why didn’t Medlock try a 51 yard FG??? :?

Even though Medlock is stroking the ball near perfectly (he cleared his 47 yd effort by at least 10 yds) O'Shea is totally paranoid about the 15 or 20% possibility that Medlock misses and Logan outruns the bomber elephant team!

Sad to report I kinda support O'Shea's archaic, ultra-conservative thinking! :cowboy:

I dunno, you pay a kicker $170K a yr to kick clutch FG's, I figure, you try the 51 yrd FG

Bombers gradually morphing into UAAH form (Ugly as All Hell) with Husky Harris putting pill on the ground for his 2nd turnover of game.

Bombers were actually driving the ball into FG range when the latest bop happened!

You figure - but O'Shea is an odd duck. He'll take wild risks at times but this time he had the lead and wanted it into the 2nd half.

With Harris coming down with Captain Hook hands it look like the bombers are being forced to the air - and Nichols looks rattled and shaken, not quite Drew Willy levels (those are epic) but enough to be off line on most of his tosses!

I suspect both coaches are reluctant to go to their backups. Willy appears to have "Ronda Rousey Syndrome" while Glenn represents Popp's best chance to snag a W.

Wow - those Als cheerleaders....

I've seen more energy in a Jimmy Kimmel monologue!

Again no FG try.

Only down by 4 - GO ALS GO :slight_smile:

Harris is “Cornishing” the Als…

Another Eastern loss at home.

Andre 'The Giant' Harris - w/ nice 15 yd slant downhill for the put-away TD....

Gonna be hard-pressed for Glenny to scoop 11 pts in under 2 min.

But its possible! :cowboy:

Taylor Hicks with another pick from Blind Boy Kev