GDT Bomber @ Riders

Matthew Mediocre having an extremely poor first half.

Riders are defending him brilliantly and covering our sluggish WRs like under armour!

Kevin Glenn suddenly morphing into Selwyn Glenn as the half approaches.

He was too greedy on 2nd and 20, trying for a 1st down w/ under 45 second left in half.


The Glenn of old resurfaces at the end there. But a decent first half, I'm sure the Riders have to be nervous with this crowd and new venue.

All the adrenaline is now out, time to see which is the best team.
Glenn returns to form , late, Bombers starting to cause TO's, lets see what MOS feeds them at the half.
Hurl playing off, if that vaunted new Bomber front four can handle any attempt at a running game, Hurl will survive, otherwise, he's the weak one.
Nice digs.

The video review idiot blew yet another call in a game between 2 western teams and this somehow relates to Toronto?

Ha ha ha h............. :roll: I don't care who it happens to, when video review screws up it makes the league look like a joke and destroys the entertainment value, flow and pace of the game.

For all the cracks on Duane Forde I read on this forum, he did an awesome job in covering the linebacker positions in that GMC Professional Grade segment at the half.

I hope they continue those segments for many seasons.

D. Forde is far better doing segments like that than being a color commentator. He's been turned down for so many GM and Asst. GM jobs it must get tiresome. I suspect his confidence is at an all-time low and it reflects in his poor performance on color - especially when paired with a laggard like Black.

I like Forde he has an unique and very knowledgeable ability to articulate the colour portion of the game.

Great move by Bomber #1, Darvin Adams on Dressler's 88 yd TD recept. Dressler was being overtaken by a superior speeded rider DB and the DB was trying his darndest to entice Adams into taking a block from behind penalty. Adams was not enticed - have to say that's one where at least 50% of CFL WRs get roped into a block from behind penalty that negates a great play. Great discipline by Mr. Adams. That should be shown to all high-school and college players.

Didn't like the beaten like a rented mule Rider DB finally over-taking Dressler at the goal-line and trying to injure him with a horse-collar. Guy should be fined in addition to his 15 yd penalty!

It's all coming apart now for the Riders, downhill from here I'd say in this tilt.

That first TD has to feel like an instant classic and memory for Weston Dressler. I cannot believe the Riders let him go a few seasons ago. And now here he is with a second one.

In reading up on him, Dressler was in the second year of a four-year contract with the Riders when he was released in January 2016.

Did that hillbilly Corky mess this one up too? :roll:

Big series, Bombers go up ten or fourteen and Corky's toast.

Nah, Corky’s safe for now . . . . Herman Munster (aka Craig Reynolds) won’t start stalking him until they’re 0-7 or somesuch.

And Bombers have a nasty habit of going into defensive shells - so if Corky don’t panic he might have an outside chance to nip the bombers at the line!

Well I went ahead and decided to be a bit more patient even after that second TD by Dressler, who was not covered at all, but wow at half-time did the Riders decide to not play hardly any defence in the second half as if they merely were going to outscore the Bombers? :roll:

No consistency whatsoever with Bombers. Spectacular for 1/2 a quarter - then a full demonstration of 2 & out football for nearly a quarter.

Winning sometimes ugly. Better than a beautiful loss though!

Another messed up video review. :thdn:

Grant clearly had control and a fumble.

He lifted himself up with the ball. :roll: :roll:

Another GREAT game!!!

Disagree, not enough control IMHO. Just because he thought he had control and went to run doesn't mean he actually had enough control. Close one though but I think they got it right. I think.

Anyways, WOW, what a game! Glenn is hot again right now!

Bomber D pretty much outta gas - Riders should win in dying seconds unless Glenn screws up!

Bombers have a chance to win but excellent coverage on the punt...

Going to OT, quite a start to the new Mosaic!