GDT Bomber @ Riders

I am shocked a Rider fan has not started a GDT.

I am only starting it because I wanted to get my take on the NMS opening.

The CFL schedule makers have made some stupid decisions in the last 3 years.

This one is the best decision they could have made for this stadium opening. :thup:

Having the traditional rival Bombers has the first visiting team was the best and only decision.

Bombers are a better team, but the Riders will be cranked up to the top.

I will enjoy watching the Bombers spoil this party. :thup:

I give the Riders permission to beat the Esks when the time comes.

Bombers will destroy the Riders I'm afraid in this tilt but looking forward to it nonetheless from the new Mosaic. :thup:

I've been looking forward to this one for a long time. Rooting for the bombers, but a rider win would be nice for the sea of green, too.

aka Senior Bisons vs. Rowdy Rams

Looks like the angels have been listening and Rod Black has been diverted from the opening of Mosaic Stadium.

Hope the electricity works - they do have electricity in Saskatchewan, don't they?

Some key questions & matchups:

  1. Key match-up - two coaches who aren't really known as cerebral giants. The Corky Show vs. Mike & The Smelling Salts - both guys aren't really known as drill down deep technique or mass rep guys so expect tons of shaky execution - Bombers might actually turn the ball over more than the riders who've already had one trot in the sun.

  2. #1 Overall Draft pick - Faith Ekakitie - or as my friend Nasty Nate calls him - 'Halfasakatie'. Bombers have kept this guys under virtual wraps since punching his ticket at the draft. Some have said he reported out of condition, unprepared for physically stronger professional men, not boys. Biggest problem and one that stung when they picked up the short, wide man - in all his years in NCAA he's credited with only 1/2 a sack. Hence the nickname.

  3. The Samuel Hurl experiment - Mike O'Shea is stoically clinging to this guy being his answer at MLB. Great guy on film cuz he serves out all his assignments. Only real problem when push comes to show - Sam can't really stand up to stronger and more aggressive men. He's usually pushed aside - however O'Shea thinks this guy is the cat's meow, so he must be great, right?

  4. Rider air force vs. Rich Hall secondary - this could be feast or famine, mostly feast if Tattoo (Kevin Glenn) is on his game. The riders have one of the best receiving corps in the league. Rich Hall is notorious for letting guys run loose in a so-called gap zone.

  5. If Bombers win they'll have to overcome a boisterous, sold-out crowds of well over 30,000 - and folks will say, they should win - they were 11-7 last season, Corky was only 3-15 and that was WITH Darian Durant. If Riders topple bombers the bomber apologists will be out in full force faster than Kellyanne Way after a Trump misconduct - - - saying the bombers were rough due to their Week 1 bye and new players trying to connect with fresh systems. A well-played game, win or lose for either team will enable everyone to come out somewhat happy. One team being squashed by the other - HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

It will be a fun game regardless.

Will the Bombers be rusty or extra energy because of a long rest ?

First regular season game of the season for the Bombers. First regular season game ever for the Rider's in their new stadium.

Go Blue!

For all the mopes who think I'm writing off the bomber season - if they take a licking from Corky's riders, fear not!

I'm kinda expecting the riders (and their 33,333 hell-raisers to lay a supreme lickin' on the big bloo . . . .

So is that the end of the season?

I say NO.

However, if the bombers get clobbernokked by the Riders - and then get squashed by the Stamps at home next Friday - SERIOUS DOUBTS EMERGE!

Lose honorably - a couple injuries to key players - superb performance by Kelvin Glenn and lots of pathetic execution - lose by 7 to 10 pts. and nobody is pushing the panic button - but Amazon has it on special delivery for next week! :cowboy:

2 quick pre-game opinions:

  1. Whatta g.d. stadium. Amazing!

  2. Never thought I'd say this but I'm starting to like Henry Burris

As usual CKRM (house-boy radio broadcaster) botches the anthem ceremonies!!! At least TSN shows it - which is something they usually avoid. Wonder why?

Toronto, no, this isn't a dream. Just imagine. :smiley:

Little punk-assed team on the barren prairies - barely 210,000 local population and they're gonna draw 29,000 to 34,000 for every friggin' game

Toronto - population 3.5 million give or take and they'll draw anywhere from 2,000 to 12,500

Not good.

btw - the regina ceremonies taking a bit of a dive - as everyone wants to say their piece, of course sponsored by some mope who got roped into a radio advertising contract!

It was all solid until after "O Canada!" was over. "Welcome to the Jungle" was sure an interesting accompaniment to the dropping of the 13th Man banner. :roll:

As I say, Toronto, no, this isn't a dream, just imagine. :smiley:

Kudos to TSN for not over showing either head coach. Not great for fan interest when either Mike O'Stoic or bean-brained Corky Jo given too much air-time! :cowboy:

Must admit, Corky, love that nickname. :smiley:

Video review of illegal contact on a receiver; and this is why I don't watch as much as I used to. :roll:

Don't you know it, it's not big league enough. :lol:
Even after seeing this awesome stadium with the full stands with crazy fans it's only Regina.
The US wannabe people here in Toronto need to be voted off this Canadian island...good riddance. :thup:

Upon further review video evidence supports the call on the field. Contact was made 4 yards off the LoS. On field official call is upheld, video review official is fired for being blind, stupid and unable to count and 3 points removed from Winnipeg's score. The CFL continues to be a joke.

Bomber QB Nichols reverting to the Matt Mediocre tag of his early CFL years!

Riders should really be up 17-3 or 20-3

Translation - Toronto is a joke. :lol:

You got to view all that because you are in the US.

We did not get to hear O'Canada or most of the opening.

I tuned in and Canadian viewers got the thrill of seeing the 94 min of Toronto FC.

I know TSN has obligations, but man that pissed me off.