GDT: Blue Bombers @ Tiger-Cats July 26th!

Congratulations to the Cats, they are the number 1 team after this weekend.
Here is hoping Masoli comes back soon.
If not, Evans is more than capable.

So the mighty Bombers have fallen. And it appears yet another starting QB may miss some time. Oh the twists and turns of the long 18 game season.

Bombers lose for the first time and Tabbies lose Masoli. Meanwhile my Redblacks simply lose all the time. Whatever.

My bitch is with the Canadian version of talking heads - Matt, Milt and Henry being the constantly useless negative critics of whichever team is losing or whatever QB is having a bad game. Why not give us some honest info about what’s going on out there? These three guys could teach us a lot about offensive schemes, line blocking and maybe some discussion about when they screwed up during their own careers.

And then there’s the sideline interview dude with scripted questions, “What did you learn about the courage of your team tonight after your star quarterback went down and you still managed to win?” … I would love to hear an answer like, “Why do you guys keep asking stupid questions that also include the answer?”

I may just push the mute button next game.

Why would we want that lump?

Evans did all right, but definitely needs more reps if he has to play for any meaningful length of time.

Agree time to move on from the mic games these games add nothing to the appeal the mics never pick up anything it seems . The players and the sounds appear muted most of the time .

The QB play calling can be heard without the mics by just listening to the cadence .

I would just do a weekly review of the games like they did before with better film work and more sounds of the game that are authentic . I watched those half hour segments when TSN had them last year and would have a few good comments from players .

The Ticats’ defence put pressure on Nichols all game. He looked lost out there!

I’ll stand by my comment until I’m wrong.

Until an MRI confirms the injury Coach O isn’t going to say a thing. However team Dr and Physios can easily diagnose an ACL with many tests on the spot.

I’d happily be wrong, but I’m not.

However to be fair to the process I’ll say there’s a 1% chance he plays again this season.

Ok Doc

Improved the experience for me 1000 fold. No Rod Black, no Duane Forde, no moronic chatter from the mic’d up players, just the game.

Ti-Cats are in trouble if Masoli is out for too long. Evans was OK but far from a replacement. Hamilton’s D won that game, but you can’t count on your D to win games for you every time.

The non contact knee injuries are usually not good, but hopefully it’s not as serious as first thought.

I’ve been muting games for years. If I can sit in a stadium with no play by play and no colour commentary and no synopsis, then I can do it at home. I know the game well enough to know what is going on.

I also mute ALL commercials. I’ve worn out mute buttons. They are one of my favourite inventions. I like heated seats and intermittent wipers too ! :smiley:

I still think the best ever done by accident because of a strike was the CBC games without commentators .

If someone has one of those games on tape would love to see it on You Tube .

They used the stadium announcers which you heard and the actual stadium noise .

You felt you were watching the game from the stadium .

I wish they would try this again it was genius .

Loved the atmosphere of watching the live telecast with real stadium sound . Nothing blocking the noise and no voice overs it was a great for a fan and so authentic I really enjoyed the feel of the stadium live action and sound was unbelievable at the time .

Other than the commercial breaks it was like having a seat at the game .

Speaking of commercials did anyone else find them louder than the game. I thought the CRTC banned this behaviour years ago. I might just complain at:

You called it! You were absolutely right!

NFL did this for a game in the 80s. Jets game I think. I loved it. If my choice is Black and Forde or silence I will always choose silence over those two idiots. To be fair, get Forde away from Black and his commentary improves immensely.